The time is upon us to decide whether to live under freedom or under the rule of those who want to rule our lives the way they want.

I would like to take this time and space to show you the Democrats’ outlook on what they think ours lives should be and that of the Republicans. These examples are of bills voted on by Democrats, some up for reelection like Glenn Curry, Jan Dodge, Stanley Paige Zeigler and others. LD 967, An act to make possession of a schedule drug for personal use a civil penalty. LD 864, An act to protect teachers’ privacy while delivering remote instructions. LD 1139, An act to authorize and regulate visitation of Essential Caregivers at long-term care facilities. LD 1051, An act to promote civic engagement and voter participation of young people by lowering the voting age for municipal elections to 16 years of age.

As for what the Democrats voted against: LD 1001, An act to ensure parents’ access to their minor and adult children with special needs. LD 1292, An act regarding the parental right to direct the health care of their children. LD 253, An act to strengthen Maine’s election laws by requiring photographic identification for the purpose of voting. LD 550, An act to resolve directing the State Education Board to prohibit teachers in public schools from engaging in ideological, religious, or political advocacy in the classroom.

This year I made it my priority to meet with and speak with candidates from both sides and have concluded that the Democrats are running under a socialist agenda. For those who have studied history of the ’30s and ’40s, you know what I am talking about, and for those who haven’t, maybe it’s time you did. I can say with a clear conscience that all Republican candidates will vote totally opposite and work like hell to undo any bills I have mentioned.

Living in District 40 I can say I fully back Joseph McLaughlin. Joe is a young man who, like so many like us, is sick of living under the rule of the socialist left. And like most parents believes every parent has the upmost right to make the decisions of what their children are taught in school and the health care they receive. Plus systems to help addicts find successful recovery and no energy tax increases.

If you want a free and productive life for yourselves, your children and many generations to come, vote out the socialist left.

Randall Bryant