The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 13, 2022, through Oct. 19, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Michael Bowe and Linda M. Bowe to Michael Bowe and Linda M. Bowe.

Nancy Crooker to Old Belfast Bookstore LLC.

Northport Avenue HCWC LLC to Francois Genissieux and Christine Kay Yentes.

Nancy C. Shumaker Revocable Trust to Mickie G. Kucinkas and Gene J. Kucinkas.

RTWB LLC to Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc.


Avary Otis to Chayann Colby and Judson C. Colby.


Sarah Lowther and Emily Brough to Kyla Faust.


Blake K. Hunt to Misty Pomerleau.

Kendall H. Call and Vicky B. Call to Steven R. Gagnon.


David Oakes to Donna DiFrancisco , Anthony DiFrancisco, Tammi Smith and Timothy Smith.

TD Bank NA to Earl Anderson.


Basil P. Wentworth Est. to Leah I. Wentworth.


David H. Hulbert, Melina Dodd and Lucille H. Pincince to Donald G. Trites and Beverly J. Baker.

Doris Packard to Douglas Gilson and Kristi Hardy-Gilson.

Anita Reynolds and Anita Snowdeal to Derrick Van Kirk and Adriane Bonaparte.


Mary Freeman and Mary F. Wickham to Scott Ellis and Shirley Ellis.

Tyler G. Eads to Tyler G. Eads and Elizabeth Lea Kiser.


Bruce A. Bailey and Kellie D. Bailey to Wayne Hermanson and Karen Bennett.


Everard Burdell Stevens Est. to Gregory Dean Stevens and Todd Eric Stevens.


Charles Hamm and Virgilea Hamm to Emma Hamm and Tate Shibles.

Virgil H. Littlefield Jr. and Ruth A. Littlefield to Emma Hamm and Tate Shibles.


Swan Lake LP to Devin Allen Fairbrother.

Donald R. Lemieux to Kiel Lemieux and Chausa Tra.


Michael K. Ball Est. to Susan E. Totter.

Town of Swanville to Alexander Baker and Susan Baker.

George J. Parenteau Jr. and Jacklyn C. Parenteau to Jessica M. Riley, Zachary Riley and James Downing.

Carol J. Jaques to Peter L. Jaques.

Carol J. Jaques to Peter L. Jaques.

Nicholas F. Maseychik to Nicholas Francis Maseychik Trust


Nicholas F. Maseychik to Nicholas Francis Maseychik Trust

Town of Troy to Dennis Jones and Cynthia Jones.

Town of Troy to Chris Phillips.

Town of Troy to Canaan Land LLC.

April D. Reeves and Curtis J. Mathewson to Caleb Raven.


Mary A. Oaks to Cathy M. Foster


Arthenaea M. Westwood-Perkins to William D. Auxier.