Welcome to November! And if you have a birthday or an anniversary this month, may you have a great day!

I thought this was going to be the last time we have to change clocks for the new time but heard on the news that it still has not been voted on yet. I cannot see the advantage of changing time now. Remember to do this Saturday night.
It sounds like it was a busy Halloween that lasted all weekend. The Prospect Fire Department gave out treats as well as the Community Builders down in Stockton Springs.

The Prospect Fire Department is holding a Food Sale Nov. 19 at their station. All kind of desserts. They’re raising money for the benefit of the Fire Department. Also remember they always need new members. Call Capt. David Terry if you’re interested.

Now that I am on home therapy, I feel like I’m under house arrest. I can go to doctor visits and church but no going around visiting until I’ve finished. Oh, well, I’m saving on gas now.

Nov. 11 will be Veterans Day so please honor our veterans by thanking them for their service and sacrifices. We live in a free country because of them. I have had many veterans in my family, of whom I have been very proud. In fact, I married a vet, Paul Tilley, U.S. Navy.

Being housebound I haven’t had the opportunity to see the hunters out, but I have memories of when Paul and I would go out. The last deer I shot was a doe and I was by myself. I was just getting ready to dress it out when I heard a voice asking if I shot the deer. At first I thought it was a game warden but he was another hunter. He said his buddy had shot at a deer and that might be the one I had just shot, but I told him that mine had not been shot, so they asked me if they could watch me dress it out, as they had never done it.

I told them I hadn’t dressed one out before as there was always someone with me but I was going to cut it up like a chicken. When I pulled down the lungs and heart, the heart was shattered so we all agreed the Buddy hadn’t hit my deer. They were up for a week of hunting from Rhode Island and said they hated to go home and admit they missed a deer and a woman not only shot it but also dressed it out. One of my best hunting memories.

Thanksgiving coming up last of the month. Hope you will be able to share with family.

See you next week.