Well, folks, I am finding this warm weather a little disconcerting. But also, I really do enjoy sweatah weathah and I find myself still wearing T-shirts. And, of course, the ticks are enjoying the T-shirt weather, so be sure to stare at yourself in the mirror more than usual.

Despite the warm days the National Weather Service tells us that during the month of October, in Bangor, there were 13 nights with a low of 32 degrees or lower, whereas our normal average number of nights dropping to freezing is only 8. But, the warm days sure made up for the cool nights.

Home fire

I am saddened to report that on Sunday, Oct. 23, our friend and neighbor, Mike Comer, lost his home and all his possessions in a tragic house fire. Thankfully no people or animals were at home. Mike had this to share with us:

“The house and garage are a total loss. Fire departments from five towns responded: Jackson, Monroe, Brooks, Thorndike, Troy (these fire departments are all in a mutual aid pact with Jackson) and Dixmont. The fire was discovered by a neighbor at approximately 6:15. The garage was quickly engulfed and then spread from there to the house via a connecting breezeway.”

Maggie and Mike Comer came to Jackson in the ’70s. They built their log home in 1985. They raised their two kids there and loved, laughed and cried with their extended family for all the years it stood. It was, for them, truly a magical place.


The log home and barn of longtime Jackson resident Mike Comer. He and his late wife Maggie built the home in 1985. Courtesy of Mike Comer


Mike plans to rebuild. He also wants to thank the community for the outpouring of concern, sympathy and offers of support, to say nothing of the valiant efforts of firefighters from the five fire companies who worked so hard to save the place.

“And for all my wonderful friends and neighbors, don’t worry about me. I have a wonderful support system. However, if you want to help and support folks who can really use it, please reach out to Waldo CAP in Belfast. There are local families who have recently lost homes to fire and could use the support far more than me. Contact WaldoCAP at 338-6809.”

Our fire chief, Don Nickerson had the following to say: “Two firefighters did need to be treated for smoke inhalation. The challenge was that the wind had picked up and was very variable. The firefighters were holding hoses in place on the fire and couldn’t move quickly out of the path of the smoke. Five tankers were running steady, streaming water over the whole building. We were lucky we’ve had so much rain so the fire did not spread to the fields.”

Chief Nickerson also has some reminders to folks regarding best ways to help firefighters help save your home in the unfortunate event of a fire. Every minute counts, so it is best to call 911 first, before trying to do anything on your own. If you live down a long private driveway it can be critical to have a wide, solid drive with a turnaround for emergency vehicles.

Town Office

The town office will be closed Friday, Nov. 11, through Monday, Nov. 14. The transfer station will be going to winter hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Nov. 13. The next Select Board meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Office.

Thank you to all those who have served. May everyone have a peaceful and relaxing Veteran’s Day.