On Wednesday, Nov. 2, Mount View had its first band concert of the year, and my first as a high school student. There are three bands at Mount View Middle and High Schools, the sixth grade band, the seventh and eighth grade band, and the high school band. Each of these bands has the same director, Michael Venti.

Mr. Venti has been the band director at Mount View for more than a decade. Like any band director, he can play all of the instruments one would find in a concert band, though he is most adept at percussion, in which he has a master’s degree. In addition to directing the band at Mount View, Mr. Venti is a percussionist in the Bangor Symphony Orchestra. He is both skilled and likable as a teacher, though a bit excessive in his use of puns.

As you would expect, the higher the level of the band, the more difficult the pieces become. I have written about the band at Mount View in the past, and commented on how COVID negatively impacted our ability to practice and perform. Fortunately, it seems that is behind us now, as the bands are all growing in size and a clarinet player recently joined the high school band, an instrument we have lacked since the end of last year.

We had prepared for our first performance throughout the first few months of the year, practicing “Drums of the Sammis,” “Kyiv 2022,” “Acrostic Song” and “Chasing Sunlight,” all of which we performed at the concert. “Chasing Sunlight” and “Acrostic Song” mostly have a gentle and flowing feel, while “Kyiv” is ominous and “Drums of the Sammis” is fast-paced and vibrant. All of the pieces went fairly well on the night of the concert.

As the year goes on and our performances continue, we will hopefully regain more and more of what was lost in the pandemic. All pursuits must face adversity and obstacles, but overcoming them is an integral part of any endeavor. It seems that the bands of Mount View have made it through the worst of their struggles and are now once more on the rise.

The next band concert will be held on Dec. 19 at 7 p.m., with a snow date of Dec. 20.


The Montville Select Board is looking to hire a transfer station attendant to work every third Saturday. If you are interested in the position, go to the Montville website to learn more.

If you are interested in providing a Christmas basket for the Neighbor for Neighbor program in Montville, the deadline is Dec. 1. You can find more information and sign up at the Montville website.

The Union Harvest Grange in Montville will be hosting its annual Christmas Bazaar on Sunday, Dec. 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you are interested in a table to sell your wares at the Bazaar, there are still a few left! Please contact Terry at 323-9151 or by email,, to reserve your space!