With weekend weather in the 70s it’s hard to imagine it has been a particularly productive hunting season for many so far. The cold air is coming, along with the dark (the unfortunate gift of Daylight Saving Time). I relish these unseasonably warm days, especially when they come with sunshine. Even a mild winter is still winter and this won’t last long.

In October we had over 8 inches of rain here. That is well over the amount of rain we had all summer. We are lucky to live in a place where the rain does eventually come. It seems like the landscape in Waldo adapts pretty well to the increasingly large rain events we get, probably because of the extensive wetland networks that stretch completely across town. Spring melt makes things a little more exciting, though.

The Broadband Committee continues its forward momentum and is getting closer to submitting a grant application. Letters have been written in support and there will be a public meeting soon (date not yet determined) to see if the town will raise money for the grant. It’s exciting that this is a possibility here in Waldo.

There have been some delays but the draft solar ordinance should also be ready for public review in the near future, although the public meeting may not happen until after the holidays.

I’ll keep you posted on dates for both items as I become aware of them. Thanks to our town officials who are doing this work and for those who weigh in and participate.

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