BELFAST — Democrat Janice “Jan” Dodge, a retired teacher from Belfast, easily won reelection to the Maine House of Representatives for a third term.

Although Stephen J. Hemenway, her Republican challenger, bested her in Belmont, 256-233, he lost to Dodge in his hometown of Northport, 608-390, and Belfast voters went overwhelmingly for Dodge, 2,583-925.

The final tally for the three District 39 municipalities was 3,424 votes for incumbent Dodge to 1,571 for Hemenway.

Dodge was first elected to the Legislature after she challenged Caitlin Hills, a leader and fundraiser in the state and Waldo County Democratic organizations, in the 2018 primary. Following that surprise upset, Dodge went on to win the seat that then represented Belfast, Waldo and Northport.

Hemenway, a retired deputy sheriff who produces a national public access educational TV program, “The Children’s Corner,” was moved to challenge Dodge in the new District 39 (Belfast, Belmont and Northport) after she backed bills dealing with a carbon tax on all energy and parental rights in the course of remote instruction, such as occurred when children were schooled remotely during the pandemic.

Dodge campaigned successfully on her record as a passionate, experienced legislator who “responds to constituents’ needs, listens to local concerns, is accessible and connects with community members and local organizations in multiple ways.”