I am writing about your consideration of using Sears Island as the hub for manufacturing and launching floating offshore wind turbines, when you have an industrial site already available at Mack Point.

Sears Island is beloved by many and remains one of the largest undeveloped islands on the East Coast. It is stewarded by local groups, and draws people of every slice of our community to share its beauty, its clamming, fishing, walking, swimming and family recreating — all generations. And the island teaches all of us our unique coastal history, from Indigenous stewardship to the richness and importance of her natural habitats.

When we stood during “Fling into Fall Weekend” in Searsport, at an informational vigil to let people know we disagree with this choice, the support seemed to be universal: Young and old, tourists and local people, fishermen and trades people, all in support of Mack Point being the logical choice for this development.

Sears Island brings more than money to us; the state of Maine, especially with new infrastructure money available from the federal government, must afford the extra money it might take to use Mack Point for further industrial development. It cannot “afford” to lose Sears Island as we know it — this unique island is irreplaceable. Please choose Mack Point or another location for wind farm development — not Sears Island!

Meredith Bruskin