I could not resist diving into Freedom’s election results and comparing 2022 and 2018 results (the first time Gov. Mills ran).

In 2018, Gov. Mills received 44% of the 380 votes cast in Freedom. In 2022 she received 51% of 435 votes cast. In 2020 — when Maine did not have a gubernatorial race but did have a presidential race to drive turnout — 474 people voted.

What do I draw from these numbers? First, Gov. Mills’ increased Freedom vote share closely mirrored her overall increased statewide vote share. In 2022 she received about 5% more of the statewide vote than she did in 2018. In Freedom she received 7% more in 2022 than she did in 2018.

Second, midterms generally draw far fewer people out to vote than presidential years. But in this midterm year, Freedom had a turnout fairly analogous to a presidential election. Well done, folks!

Freedom seemed split down the middle for all contested races. State Sen. Glenn Curry won 219 votes (50.3% of the vote including blanks) compared to 205 votes for MaryAnne Kinney. U.S. House Rep. Jared Golden won 47.8% compared to 43.6% for Bruce Poliquin, and 5.7% for independent Tiffany Bond. However, ranked choice results for this race will not be available until Nov. 15.

Finally, Democratic Sheriff candidate Jason Trundy won 54.5%, and Republican Todd Boisvert won 45.5%.

In other news, Mount View Alumni Recognition nominations are now open. According to a press release from the school, “The personal and professional accomplishments of previous Mount View graduates will encourage present-day students to reach for the stars!” Nomination forms for the 2023 Alumni Recognition Award are due at the Mount View High School office no later than Jan. 6, 2023. Anyone may make a nomination. To receive more information, requirements, and the application form, please email mvalumni@rsu3.org or leave a message at 568-4640 to receive a hard copy.