Friday was Veterans Day and a Thank You to all veterans for their service and sacrifices. I was brought up to be patriotic and to respect what we have. I still once in a while will listen to Kate Smith singing “God Bless America,” which always brings tears and chills, beautiful and so patriotic.

Deer season has been slow because of the weather, too warm but it will change soon. As I don’t hunt anymore, I love to see them in the fields.

May you all fill up your licenses. Hunting season was always the time that I enjoyed the most while Paul and I were running the Corner Store. In seven years I tagged many deer.

Last Sunday, Pastor John Tabor held a special service dedicated to first responders — veterans, fire department, police departments, town officials, and Boy and Girl Scouts — at the Stockton Springs Community Church. They were all presented a special cup thanking them for their service. Afterward a delicious potluck was held at the Community Center. Thank you for everything you do for us, Pastor.

At last week’s Coffee Time, Skip McCormick gave us a premiere of a 1845 Map of Prospect and some surrounding towns, that he has been working on, enlarging it and making sure that all the available information is included. We could identify roads, cemeteries, schools, family names, list of occupations, lists of businesses and more valuable information. He will be showing this again Nov. 12 at the Historical Society’s last meeting of the year, 1 p.m., along with potluck lunch, and you know we have some great cooks. Everyone is invited.

Another house being built on 174 and it looks like it will be a good size house. Don’t know who is having it built but always nice to see new houses. The old Percy Mill Store is being restored into a two-apartment building, close to the road but a beautiful view on the back. Good to see this old building turning into a nice building again.

The Community Building is seeing a lot of rentals for private parties, which is good. The charge for the Dining Room is $50 per event. We will not rent the upstairs hall this winter as there is no heat up there. It’s booking up so call for availability if you want to rent it for an event. Christmas already reserved.

Today my Daisy’s ashes will be buried out between two loyal German shepherds by the north fence. It is so quiet around here, miss her soft ears and her following me around. That’s why I nicknamed her Velcro.

May you have a great week and keep that building going.