American voters overwhelmingly rejected the lies, fear-mongering and election-denying, autocratic Trumpsters to reaffirm democracy in a historic turnout and midterm victory for the incumbent party not seen in modern times.

The margins of victory weren’t always large in today’s 50/50 political divide, but they were broad-based and undeniable, in a trouble-free, fair election nationwide without violent protests. The Democrats’ Senate majority remains intact, even without the Georgia runoff required because Raphael Warnock didn’t quite get 50% of the vote. Victory there is still very important because it could mean a buffer to offset rogue Democrats like Sens. Manchin and Sinema, but it already means President Biden can get his judicial and top executive nominees approved.

Democrats could still retain control of the House when all the votes are counted, but even without it, the margin of difference is so small that Biden could still be in a good position to bargain with a Republican speaker weakened by the MAGA side of his caucus. Indeed, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell may have trouble hanging onto their obstructive leadership roles in light of the election blue wave.

Across the country, voters protected the election process with their choices for governors, secretaries of state and attorneys general, rejecting the crazies who wouldn’t pledge to abide by the election results or, worse, promised to make sure Republicans never lost again regardless of the vote.

Instead of the 30 to 50 Democratic losses in the House projected by Republican operatives and media pundits, the House broke in an even divide, a big midterm win for the party in power, no matter the final outcome.

Likewise, Democrats had a big night in state offices up and down ballot. The voters seemed to make clear that they were not fooled by and have had enough of the craziness and existential threats to self-government. They also rejected government interference in a woman’s control over her own body, whether by the Supreme Court or legislative bodies. As an added bonus, the record turnout of women and young voters is a very hopeful sign for our future.

Finally, the election results should strengthen Biden’s hand domestically and around the globe, while Trump’s prospects for 2024 have been significantly blunted. That doesn’t mean MAGA Republicans and white supremacists will go away, but that the American people are onto them.

Democrats have every right to rejoice in their victories, but even fair-minded Republicans should be glad that our system of self-determination held. I’m not ready to join the pundits and politicians who overstate our collective wisdom, but it did seem to work once again in this case, despite unprecedented disinformation, propaganda and obscene amounts of campaign money.

Now I hope the good people of Georgia will once again do themselves and their country a big service by reelecting the moral, principled and responsible Sen. Raphael Warnock in the December runoff, regardless of how much frantic money the opposition dumps into that race.

David Estey