ROCKPORT — Even with coverings over their mouths to limit exposure to COVID-19, the bowlers’ broad, joyous smiles were evident or, if not visible, easy to imagine. In addition, the heartwarming atmosphere was palpable, with cheers, hand claps, hugs and high-fives plentiful.

Such were the scenes on Monday, Nov. 14 during the return of Special Olympics bowling at the Oakland Park Bowling Lanes.

Thomaston Grammar School’s Aria Minoty, front, and Maria Wilkinson. Photo by Mark Haskell

It also was a return to normalcy for the youth and adult bowlers after the event’s two-year hiatus. Last year, everyone bowled remotely and submitted their scores for awards.

On Monday, student-athletes ages 5 to 21 bowled in the morning and adult athletes 22 to 30+ in the afternoon. Bowlers came from Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties.

Coastal Navigators’ Michael Kunn. Photo by Mark Haskell

The student-athletes were from Medomak Middle School, Medomak Valley High School and Miller School of Waldoboro; Oceanside Middle School of Thomaston; Searsport District Middle and High School; Thomaston Grammar School; and Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast.

The adult athletes were from Coastal Opportunity Navigators of Camden and MVRA All Stars of Rockport.

Oceanside’s Malachi Fairfield, left, and Jess Hill. Photo by Mark Haskell

The event most recently was held in November of 2019 before the pandemic hit.

“It was a great day with some fantastic bowling and results,” said Karen Matthews, event organizer.

She thanked Jason Kaler, owner of Oakland Park Bowling Lanes, who hosted the event.

Coastal Navigators’ Glen Smith. Photo by Mark Haskell

The individual results, with organization/school, bowler and score (pins knocked down) listed, were:


Medomak Middle School — Wyatt Chadanne, 42; Asher Dennison, 43; Kamaryn Brackett, 45; and Noah Massicotte, 59.

Medomak Valley High School — Isaac Richardson, 30, Landen Stewart, 46; and Cullin Booker, 66.

Troy Howard’s Jonathan Black. Photo by Mark Haskell

Miller School — Xavier Benner, 8; Emmett Ames, 10; Shylo Winkley, 30; Ariah Goethe, 33; Maddison York, 53; and Khloe Flynn, 25.

Oceanside Middle School — Malachi Fairfield, 44.

Searsport District Middle School — Jeffrey Story, 42; and Alyzander McCauley, 64.

Coastal Navigators’ Melvin Achorn. Photo by Mark Haskell

Searsport District High School — Gabe French, 6; Jordan Alberts, 41; and Sheriden Ingerson, 25.

Thomaston Grammar School Sea Lions — Alden Wakem, 39, Koral Garrison, 41; Aria Minoty, 42; Luca Hoose, 49; and Samuel Gould, 50.

Troy Howard Middle School — Clayton Burgin, 23; Donald Moody, 37, Jonathan Black, 33; Timothy Taylor, 33, Haylee Moores, 34; Adam “Bob” Maddocks, 34; Seth Woodrow, 36, Abigal Frazee, 40, Shawn Gray, 43 and Izic Curtis, 51.

Adult athletes

Coastal Navigators — Katie Kunn, 74; Caroline Duda, 73; Lilli Kunn, 29; Myles Frederick, 33; Melvin Achorn, 34; Samantha Herring, 34; Jeremy White, 44; Katie Kuhn, 45; Scott Bass, 58; Mike Pieper, 60; Leesa Carpenter, 61; Linda Russell, 64; Michael Kunn, 66; Kobi Kangas, 67; Joe Waterman, 69; Shane Roberts, 70; Scott Achorn, 72; Whitney Hynes, 73; Ada Rackliff, 80; Glen Smith, 84; and Ronnie Vanasse, 101.

MVRA All Stars — Tyler Willey, 59; Von McLaughlin, 63, Peter Paradis, 55; Richard Campbell, 60; Josiah Rhodes, 65, Justin Kristiansen, 71; and Roger Feltis, 84.