AUGUSTA — Incumbent Democrat Jared Golden has officially won reelection to his U.S. House seat representing Maine District 2, the Secretary of State’s Office announced at 6:48 p.m.

After allocating general election votes for independent Tiffany Bond to voters’ second ranked choice, Golden won 53.05% of the votes to 46.95 for former U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, his challenger. The actual tally was 165,136 for Golden to 146,142 for Poliquin.

Those interested were able to view the proceedings on Facebook Live at]

Golden preceded the secretary’s announcement with a statement at 6:17 p.m. saying, “I am deeply honored that the people of Maine’s Second District have chosen me to represent them in Washington for another two-year term.

“The Secretary of State’s Office and Maine State Police have performed their duties throughout the instant runoff process with professionalism and integrity. I am already back to work at my office in Congress, continuing to help deliver for my constituents and provide thoughtful, independent leadership for the people of our state.”

The tabulation of votes for independent Tiffany Bond and their allocation to second-choice candidates was delayed Tuesday, Nov. 15. Workers discovered faulty memory devices from polls in Bangor, Hampden and Anson as they were uploading the cast vote records around 6 p.m., “which left us unable to do the ranked choice vote tabulation at this time,” according to an 8:44 p.m. advisory Tuesday from Communications Director Emily Cook.

“Law enforcement officers went to each of the municipalities with faulty memory devices to retrieve all the ballots from each jurisdiction,” Cook said in an emailed advisory. “Given that ballots are not segregated in storage by which tabulator they were from, we will need to scan all of these ballots through our DS850 to be counted, and remove all vote records from non-faulty memory sticks from these municipalities, so as not to have duplicate records.”

The affected municipalities were Bangor (12,311 ballots), Hampden (4,091), and Anson (1,025).

Cook said scanning that large number of ballots would take “a good amount of time.”