Never have I seen beautiful Sears Island so busy as in the past two years. Often there were more than 30 cars on a nice summer weekday. Families playing on the beach, workers eating lunch, hunters, tourists hiking, swimming, biking.

Yet the state is considering Sears Island for the staging area of the proposed wind farm. Trucks pummeling the causeway, idling as they wait for the train, 100 acres of trees on the island clear cut, soil stripped, concrete poured, industrial structures built. On an island valued by so many for quiet and beauty.

How many people are drawn to Searsport because of this serene island? How many decide to linger, have a meal, shop, even buy a house with a view of the tree-lined island? How much money flows because of this unique place?

This island is maintained and promoted by volunteers. It doesn’t cost much now. Imagine the damage to the roads and causeway, the railroad tracks if trucks are allowed. That’s a much longer road than the one to Mack Point.

To build up Mack Point and leave Sears Island as it is, is for Searsport and the state of Maine to have their cake and eat it, too. You get the wind power, construction contracts, the jobs, both truck and tourist traffic, too.  Searsport seems to be coming into its own recently, with its own unique mini Acadia.
Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Paula Carter