First snow of the season this morning and now not a trace of it anywhere here — that’s the kind of storm to have.

Had an enjoyable evening last night, as Regina Larrabee gave me a ride to the Beano in Stockton. I won once but the children had a grand time as they won many games, so I dubbed it Children’s Night. They were cute.

They announced an event that The Community Builders will be sponsoring Dec. 3 for a Christmas celebration. It will start in the morning and many events are planned both for adults and children. They will be advertising the line-up soon, but it will be very busy, go on down and join in the festivities. Hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be next week and then Christmas 30 days later.

May you all have a happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. I remember Thanksgiving past with the turkey and all the fixings — yummy.

Sure do miss those times.

I now have permission to use my cane on occasion which will be at church, and therapy once a week. Yeah, then I will be able to drive after therapy is over. My friends have been great picking up groceries and rides to Dr. appointments and church. I have been blessed.

There is a young man and his family that need help as he had a motorcycle accident this summer that has laid him up and is expected to have a long rehab and can’t work. Terry Atwood has started a GoFundMe page for Brad Swift, son of Fred Swift and asks if you could, to donate to his page. Wish you recovery soon, Brad.

I think I made a goof last week in announcing the Bake Sale the Fire Department is holding — it is this Saturday. Sure hope people know the date.

Snow tires on your car yet? Hopefully we don’t get much snow this winter but you should be prepared. Don’t think I’ll be on the road much this winter, pretty content to watch the world go by.

Our snowbirds are leaving to go to Florida soon, you will all be missed but wish you all a good winter, good health, and look forward to your return.

The Community Club appreciate the donations of the returnables to the Heating Fund for emergency heat. The cost of fuel now is expensive so all donations add up. There are many reservations for the Dining Room which is a good place to have special dinners and events — $50 for the day. This month call Jenn McVeigh at 567-3170 and hit 1 to ask about availability. The charges go to the Operating Fund of the building.

That’s it for this week. See you next week.