The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 3 through Nov. 9, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Diane Witham and George A. Witham to David F. Martinelli and Mary E. Martinelli.

Gary Guindon, Mary Guindon and Nicole MacLeod to Richard P. Rumney Living Trust.

Richard P. Rumney Living Trust to Gary Guindon, Mary Guindon and Nicole MacLeod.

David L. Frye Trust to Paulette C. Frye Trust.

John Boynton, John G. Boynton, Gloria Brown and Gloria J. Brown to John G. Boynton, Gloria J. Brown and Michele L. Rolerson.


Hillval LLC to Lynette Lea Pendleton and Leonard Pendleton Sr.


Kim Cashman, Kim Zahares and Gary Guida to Justin Gordon and Ellen Williamson.


Timothy I. Marks to Donald J. Chambers and Lisa L. Chambers.


David Millner and Stephanie Millner to Demitri Lifgren and Krystal Boley.


Derek Wilson, Charlene Grotton and Charlene Groton to Alexander Fraser.


Ann Stuart Montgomery to Lee S. Montgomery and Holly M. Rutland.

Kathleen B. Kerr and Michael E. Kerr to Deidre E. Dixon and Eric B. Amstutz.

Alex E. Harper and Caroline V. Harper to Katherine Alberts and Zachary Alberts.


Ruth E. Rhodes to Jessica LeCaptain.

Signe Marguerite Taylor, Joel Stettenheim, Elisabeth Mary Ross and Ian Lance Taylor to Donald R. Foster and Patricia Jewett.


Crossroads Community Baptist Church to Dominic Fontaine.

Joan M. Hudson Larrabee to Brad Hudson.


Arlene Hadley and Robert Leroy to Wendy Jeanne Johnson and Timothy P. Lauzon.


Dale L. Nealey to Gregory S. Wight.

Ted C. Randall and J0-Anne Randall to Ellen A. Tinson, Timothy C. Randall and Tristan E. D. Randall.


Linda R. Hibbs to Brianna Reynolds.


Donald Corcoran and Pamela Corcoran to Amy E. Fisher.

Dicky S. Read Est. to Heather L. Fitzgerald and Austin M. Read.

Aaron M. Sarnacki to Vicky Lynn Glass.


Grace Perdrizet to Grace Perdrizet Trust.

Joline B. Murphy Est. and Joline M. Murphy Est. to Margaret A. Murphy and Wayne Murphy.

Margaret A. Murphy and Wayne Murphy to Eugene F. Sheerin Jr. and Laurie J. Clark Sheerin.

Jill Roulstone Clements and Jill R. Clements to Larry Joseph & Jill Roulstone Clements Joint Revocable Trust.

Larry Joseph Clements, Jill Roulstone Clements and Jill R. Clements to Larry Joseph & Jill Roulstone Clements Joint Revocable Trust.

Stockton Springs

Denise Lois Davis to Brian J. Pendoley.

Marble Family Irrevocable Trust to Mariah Donnellan and Benjamin Zukerman.

Curtis W. Larrabee to Jesse Letourneau.

Joan M. Larrabee to Deana Hudson and Robert Hudson.

Ocean View Terrace LLC to Brian Green and Sheri Green.

Peter J. Kehoe and Anna R. Kehoe to Anna R. Kehoe Trust and Peter J. Kehoe Trust.


Gladys L. Avery Trust to John David Curtis, Regina Meadows Moore and Chandra K. Brewer.

Henry Alfred Grover Jr. Est. to Bobbie Jo Benjamin, Joseph Benjamin and Kaleb S. Benjamin.


Ginger Hegstrom to Kathryn E. Wright.


Wilcox Real Estate Trust to Brian C. Wilcox.


Deborah L. Bryant, Deborah Bryant and Diana Davis to Michael Stone.


Aju Varghese and Maribel Varghese to Lael Inc.

Tara Mosel Ghook and Charles Alexander Ghook to Samantha Marie Olvera and Timothy Garrett Sorber.

Bruce Emmerich to Shawn Doll and Crystal G. Ballard.