BANGOR — District Attorney Natasha Irving has joined a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in federal court against a state judge who is under suspension.

The lawsuit was amended Monday, Nov. 21, to add Irving to the lawsuit that had originally been filed Nov. 16 by Samantha Pike against Judge Charles F. Budd Jr.

Pike is program director of outpatient substance use disorder services at Wellspring, Inc. Until recently, Judge Budd oversaw the Maine District Court’s Adult Treatment and Recovery Courts (“treatment court”).

“In his position of immense authority as not only a judicial officer but also the leader of the treatment court, Judge Budd subjected Mrs. Pike to discrimination based on her sex,” the federal lawsuit states.

The judge’s actions included “unwelcomed sexual advances, retaliation against her for rejecting those advances, humiliation in front of colleagues, infliction of severe emotional distress, and a pervasive abuse of power that created a hostile work environment in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” the lawsuit states.

In the amended lawsuit Nov. 21, District Attorney Irving recounted her first meeting with the judge. Irving is the district attorney who serves Knox, Lincoln, Waldo, and Sagadahoc counties.

“At the same conference where Judge Budd sexually harassed Mrs. Pike, he met Plaintiff Natasha Irving. Court administrator Richard Gordon and Ms. Irving were having a conversation when Judge Budd approached them. Judge Budd learned that Ms. Irving was the District Attorney for prosecutorial district 6. The conversation immediately turned sexual. Judge Budd inquired where Ms. Irving was staying and invited her to sleep with him in his hotel room. Ms. Irving was humiliated and shocked to be sexually propositioned within minutes of meeting a judge, especially in front of Richard Gordon, a respected colleague,” the lawsuit stated.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Budd, 53, was placed on administrative leave in August by Chief Justice Valerie Stanfill. No reason was given.

Budd’s attorney Walter McKee of Augusta said Tuesday, Nov. 22 that “Judge Budd was astonished to see these new allegations. He completely denies that he engaged in this conduct, with this new plaintiff or with anyone for that matter.”

“DA Irving’s claim is not even actionable. You can’t sue someone who you never met, much less appeared in front of as an attorney, for allegedly making a single comment,” McKee said.

Budd was sworn into office in February 2016 after being nominated by Gov. Paul LePage and confirmed by the Maine Senate. He was a partner in a private law firm before being appointed as a judge.