SEARSPORT — Residents will be able to ice skate at Mosman Park this winter, which overlooks the harbor. The park lies between a suburban neighborhood and Searsport Harbor.

Searsport Recreation Director Steven Shea has received approval and funding to construct a rink up to 45 feet by 50 feet over the basketball court at the park, which will extend beyond that court over the adjacent grass area, he said.

Having an ice rink in Searsport is something Shea has always wanted to make happen for residents, he said. He has seen it done in other towns and is happy to finally be able to bring the idea to fruition this year after getting approval from the association that oversees the park.

It is not a city park, so Shea had to pitch the idea to the Mosman Memorial Park Association trustees. The trustees were enthusiastic about it, he said.

Association President Jim Rose said all 12 trustees were excited when they heard Shea’s pitch. They thought it was a good way to use the park in the winter.

A previous ice rink at the high school parking lot did not see many visitors, Rose said. But he thinks the park is a much more inviting location with a nice view overlooking the harbor, which could draw people to the rink.

With the board’s approval, Shea garnered support from local businesses he thought would sponsor the ice rink, he said. Viking Lumber donated wood and other supplies, Hamilton Marine helped buy the liner and Bangor Savings Bank donated funds to cover almost everything else.

He expects overall project costs to be less than $1,500, he said. Members of the Recreation Department and the town facilities crew will construct the rink. He will place solar lights along the perimeter of the rink to provide light after the sun goes down during Maine’s short winter days.

There is no water piping system at the park, so he hopes the Fire Department will fill it, he said. It will have to set for a while until at least 3 inches of ice form over the rink before people can use it. He will use a snowblower and makeshift Zamboni to maintain the rink.

The porta-potties at the park will be closed, so there will be no bathroom facilities, Rose said. But the picnic pavilion will act as a warming center. While the rink is geared toward Searsport residents, all are welcome. If the rink is successful this year, Rose hopes the park can host it again next year, he said.

For Shea, it is another way for children to get out of the house and remain active through the winter, he said. Many children stay inside playing with electronics; Shea wants to figure out ways to get them to be more active. “Everyone always says if you build it, they will come,” he said.

Opening the rink is weather-dependent, he said, so there is no opening date at this time. Those who want to volunteer to help construct the rink should contact Shea.