THOMASTON — Mark Philbrook of Thomaston peacefully passed away Nov. 1, 2022, at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine, after a recent and serious decline in overall health. Mark would have been 70 years old just a few days from his passing. His dear friends Ken and Vicki Kupferman and Joan Dow were with him in his final weeks providing much support and love that he needed.

Frances Virginia Eddy Philbrook and Donald “Hefty” Philbrook became the very proud parents of Mark Philbrook on Nov. 11, 1952. He was their only child and brought them much joy and love during their lives. He and his mother spent many hours talking and creating new designs and adventures together.

Mark attended Camden schools and graduated from Camden-Rockport High School in 1970. He went on to graduate from Goddard College with a degree focused on writing and gardening, and by combining both he left as a master gardener and an excellent writer.

Mark could best be described as a renaissance man, as he had wide interests and expertise in several areas. These areas included a sense of humor and the humorous, the appreciation of beautiful and unusual things, theater, music, art, design and a natural curiosity that touched sparks of genius.

Mark worked from the time he was in high school until a few months before his death in a variety of jobs and occupations. To all of these he brought his creativity and imagination, adding a magic touch wherever he worked and whatever endeavor he undertook. Mark spent several years at the organic seed company Johnny’s Selected Seeds, becoming an expert on unique and hard to find seeds. He and his partner of 30 years, Tommy Odle, founded a very successful and nationally recognized business of trompe l’oeil painted furniture, classic papier-mâché wastebaskets and many murals and installations that still grace the homes and public spaces they painted throughout the country.

After Tommy Odle’s passing, Mark went on to meet Nathan Goldberg of New York City and they were married in Canada in 2008. Together they worked on numerous projects and business ventures until Nathan’s passing in 2021.

Mark will be remembered as a caretaker by those he worked with and those who loved him. He saw several family members through serious illnesses with great attention and generous amounts of patience. For this they were all grateful.

There will be no service per his wishes. His friends are asked to remember the time they spent with him fondly and enjoy a good laugh at many shared adventures. Fly with the angels, Mark, we love you.