This is a poor time to remind you about your real estate taxes but they will start accruing Interest after Dec. 31, so just giving you a heads-up. Dog Licenses will also be due. Interest will be added after Jan. 31, 2023. Give your dog a Christmas present with a new dog tag. Death and taxes will be always due.

I’m going over to Lisa and Dwayne’s for Thanksgiving. They will come over and get me and then when I’m full, they will bring me home. I will enjoy seeing my three great-grandchildren, twins Anson and Adley, 4 years old, and my newest great, Austin, almost 4 months old. I can’t hold him but will be able to play with his toes and set beside him.

I now have a better view looking out my front windows as Rosemarie’s boyfriend Rich has been cutting old brush and straggly trees that were in front of the lawn. I thank him so much as it was really grown up.

Weather is supposed to be good tomorrow for Thanksgiving Day, making for good traveling, hopefully a safe weekend for all.

Christmas will be in another month after Friday and I can’t believe how Black Friday seems to be every Friday to Monday each week. I know the stores are filled to the brim with merchandise but all meaning of Christmas has all but disappeared. It is now too commercialized and trying to convince children that it is what Christmas means and they seem to be doing a good job at it. Enough rant — sorry but this spoils the holiday for me.

Check the events for Dec. 3 as the Stockton Springs Community Builders have a very full day for all to celebrate the coming holiday, parade, children’s games, etc. They will be posting soon with times of each event. They welcome everyone to attend.

Quiet week for news, will see you next week.