We are reaching out to our local news services to express our dismay with the most recent MPUC authorization of a 49% increase in delivery rates coming on Jan. 1. We are already struggling significantly under the increase that occurred at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022.

Year-over-year we saw an average increase of 67% in our electrical costs, and when looking at some months individually, we saw an increase of 100% over the previous year. With the expected increase on Jan. 1, we anticipate our energy costs will go up and additional $300-$450 per month and possibly double that in summertime.

We thought we were going to be eligible for some limited help when the state passed legislation to support small businesses at the end of the last legislative session but it turns out that only Medium Size Service businesses qualified (as defined by CMP; we have been unable to get a definition). We have reached out to both to the Governor’s Office and to our state and regional representatives and to date have received no responses.

We felt with the recent news regarding the increase, we need to add our voices to the mix so that the state truly hears from our community. Small businesses like ourselves are already struggling with increased costs in all areas and this increase is likely to force many small businesses to make extremely tough decisions or close entirely.

We appreciate all the good works that local journalists do to ensure that peoples’ voices are heard and we hope this correspondence finds you well.

Matthew Mckillop, Manager

Marsh River Cooperative