The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 17 through Nov. 23, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Howard A. Harris and Sara D. Harris to Barry G. Heald and Carlene R. Heald.

Wendy Wiley to Peter Zuck.

Crosby Family Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Mallory Jayne Banks Harnden and Ryan Herbert Harnden.

Kyle J. Skinner and Helen Skinner to Kassandra L. Coleman and Derrick A. Coleman.


Scott A. McLeod and Barbara McLeod to Scott A. McLeod.

Bank of New York Mellon TR, CWABS Inc., Jeffrey B. Dolloff and Jeffrey Dolloff to Bank of New York Mellon TR and CWABS Inc.


Warren O. Spaulding and Marlene A. Spaulding to Tracy Blankenship and Dan Blankenship.


William Tilden to Charles Joseph Adair.


Heather Lynn Smith to Zayne Snyder and Lisa Snyder-Hendrix.


Arthur F. Mosher Jr. to William R. Achorn and Shannon N. Achorn.

Donald A. Braue Living Trust to Marlo J. DiBiase and Jonathan M. Jarvis.

Wayne B. Lanning to Julia Pedro.

Richard E. Glock Est. to Alexia Glock Kurz and Tara Glock Sheeleigh.

Richard E. Glock Est. to Alexia Glock Kurz and Tara Glock Sheeleigh.


Sandra J. Gaylor to Sean James.


Sarah Lowther to Graham Hudson Lowther.


Robert F. Christin and Barbara K. Christin to Robert & Barbara Christin Trust.


Michael L. Burgoyne to Bruce W. Potter.

Richard A. Giustra Est. to Karen L. Giustra Supplemental Needs Trust.


Town of Stetson and Town of Prospect to Alita Mary Peters Est.


Heather Hustus and Eric F. Fuller to Catrina Levesque and Benjamin Matthew Levesque.


Georgina Betty Amelia Fry and Georgina B. Fry to John Messner and Eileen Messner.

Stockton Springs

Sherry L. Frazee and Lynette L. Reger to Shirley J. Bishop and Shirley J. Partridge.

Gerald R. Harriman to Shannon Blake and Roger Kent Blake.

Donna Mohlman Residence Trust to Susan Jeanette Buck.


Larry K. Hustus to Linda Hustus and Larry K. Hustus.


Nancy E. Black Est. to Keith J. Black.