Things are pretty quiet in Frankfort, at least for the moment. No one has given me any announcements to share.

The next special event, at least to my knowledge, is the Frankfort Congregational Church’s annual Christmas Eve service. We’ve decorated the church and it looks great. Also, a church member has generously donated a new, artificial Christmas tree for outside, and it presents a striking sight for anyone driving through the middle of town after sundown. I’ll mention this again in a future column.

Note that a flu-like virus has had its way with people in town and I was one of the unfortunate souls to succumb to it. I spent two full days in bed, and now am up, but definitely not feeling 100%.

Ironically, I have lost some more weight because of this sickness. During my last checkup, my doctor told me not to lose any more weight. He explained that in case I became ill, a few extra pounds would help me get through it. And here I was all happy and proud, because I had purposely worked to lose weight.

So now, with the extra, unwanted weight loss, I must work to gain back a few pounds. Oh, well, it could be worse. Pass the gravy, please.

That’s all for now. If anyone has any news or announcements to share, just contact me using the contact info atop this column.