Hello All,

It’s been a busy week. We celebrated my 80th birthday Saturday night, at Mirakuya and at Wayne and Laura’s after with cake and ice cream. Eleven of us. Several were unable to attend. It was a fun evening. Thanks, all!!

Rita Doughty is surrounded by her grandchildren, from left: Katie, David, Gabriel and Sara Doughty on her 80th birthday Dec. 1.  Courtesy of Katie Doughty


Gabe and Reese spent a couple of nights here. The weekend goes fast.

Art show

Unity Public Library has an ongoing art show this month of December, too. Kelly Desrosier is showing her art. She was an art teacher for Regional School Unit 3.


Belated birthday wishes to Uncle Ralphy Doughty on Dec. 3.


Last week I wished Mollie Arute a happy birthday. It was a mistake! I should have said happy 14th birthday to Morgan Bennett!!

Until next week,

Have a good week, be safe, and warm. Always BE KIND.