Hello Monroe!

Our goal for the week is to find the perfect Christmas tree out back to get inside and decorated. Oliver is big enough this season to help hang most ornaments, while it won’t surprise me to find Nolan scaling the tree!

Brag board

It was a busy, busy month of November for hunters in Monroe and surrounding communities. As of Nov. 29, 225 deer had been tagged at the Monroe Country Store.

Congratulations to the following hunters who reported harvesting does in Monroe: Ethan Stubbs, Andrew Hayden, Brad Eden, David Tripp, Miah Ha, Kevin Davidson, Shawn Bennett, Brittany Garland, David Lalanchette, Twyler Webster, Christopher Giggie, Colby Brown, Landon Gray, Jared Hughes, Aiden Tripp, Scott Milliken, Mike Whitcomb, Chase Brown, Doug Jaddrie, Chris Kooh, Grant Estwell, Brianna Giggey, Baxter Smith, Eugene Arsenault, Jacob Mairhuber, Harold Moody, Kory Partridge. Devin Daigle, Tray Standwood, Seth Violette, Bernard Founer, Kergen Perkins, William MacFee, Dexter Sibley, Glenn Thomas, Roger Brassbridge, Brody Gibbs, Kevin Reid, Michael Sweetman, David Adamsen, Alexander Bennett, Dustin Wentworth, Jack Hentosh, Tyler Brooks, Eben Bucklin, James Flanders, Gerard Boudreault, Adam Higgins, Riley Porter, Jerry Longcone, Greg Stearns, George Angerine, Kevin Clark, Pamela Grass, Flinton Dodge, Edward Miller Sr., Tony Tripp, Matthew Davis, Kevin Proulx, Robert Lowell, Robert Lambeth and Randy Moody.

Congratulations to the following hunters who reported harvesting bucks in Monroe: Michael Patterson, Jack Keleher, Danica Gray, Shane Harriman, Landon Powers, Emily Tripp, Josiah Ladd, Larry Totten, Jerry Laycone, Kevin Clark, Torrey Weaver. Cyril King, Stephen King, Charles Lewis III, Scott Milliken, Ryan Burgess, Devin Daigle, John Ellis, Greg Stearns, Kevin Reid, David Newall. Doyle Harriman, Daniel Nelson, Thomas Kelcher III, James Weaver, Andy Prevett, Gerald Robertson, Brandy Harriman, Mark Pearson, William Nunn (215-lb., 9-point), Gage Ward, Flinton Dodge, Oai Ha, Kevin Davidson, Brody Gibbs, Eben Bucklin, Darren Harriman, John Ellis III (221-lb., 9-point), David Tripp, Jeff Hennessey, Jason Andoscia, Mark Mentz, Glenn Thomas, Harold Lavin (206-lb., 9-point), Gerard Boudreault, Randy Raymond, Robert Flewelling, Michael Norgang, Michael Trask, Jason Forrester, Daniel Dyer, Todd Harriman, Frederick Barlow, Wilbert Corro, Seth Violette, Dale Flewelling, Kenneth Cavin, Andrew Gibbs, Kalvin Vogel, Katherine Raymond, Alex Runci, Lee Prevett, Michelle Griffin and Paul Craig.

Troy Oliver and his daughter, Kennedy, of Monroe pose with thumbs up with a buck harvested by Troy this season. Source: Facebook


Dessert auction success

Over 50 people filled the Monroe Elementary School gymnasium the Monday before Thanksgiving to raise hundreds of dollars for the student enrichment fund. Donations of pies, cakes, dinner rolls, whoopie pies, cookies, baklava and more poured in from generous donors and went home with happy high bidders.

Student artwork and projects filled the walls for community members to view, and former Regional School Unit 3 kindergarten and first grade teacher Mrs. Charrier acted as auctioneer. It was a wonderful evening filled with community support to raise money for a great cause; if you missed it this year, make sure to pay attention next fall!

Have a great week!


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