Holy cow, this is the last month of 2022, December, which is a busy month. To those celebrating a birthday or an anniversary this month, may it be a great day for you.

We haven’t had much snow but the temperature has been cold enough to freeze on the roads. Remember that black ice is hard to see but can be dangerous. We have lost many people because of this, so please slow down and take extra time to get to your destination.

People were shocked to read of Lucille (Seekins) Clement’s passing last week. She has been in declining health for awhile and Gordon had been her caregiver until she had to have someone stay and help him out.

Lucille went to the Marsh School, worked for the Extension for 25 years, belonged to the Woman’s Club in town for many years, was a wonderful cook. She will be missed greatly by her husband Gordon and their children. RIP Lucille, old friend.

Kudos to Channel 5 for the young Lady that sings the national anthem at 5 a.m. each day. She does a beautiful job and it is great to hear this every morning. It is especially needed now with all the discontent around us.

As I am typing this, the lights flicker from the high wind and rain that is going on outside. At least if the power does go out, my trusty generator will return it in a minute. Best purchase we ever made.

We had Coffee Time today and most of the discussion was how we could make people aware of what the Community Club is and what it represents. This year because of COVID, we couldn’t have the events that we usually do — last of the two Bean Suppers, Hunters Breakfast and the annual Christmas Kid’s Party — but hope to resume them next year.

As with any organization, it is hard to get people to help with the suppers with waiting on tables, etc. We do not have a problem getting people to help with cooking pies, rolls, casseroles. We are blessed to have some wonderful cooks to help us. The Community Club will be resuming meeting next March and we want everyone to know they are welcome to attend and hope you will consider joining. We are getting old and need new blood.

Four Snowbirds are leaving this week to go to Florida for the winter, wishing them good health and a great winter, and Linda Gamble will be returning next Monday after being on a month-long vacation around the world. I am anxious to ask her all about the different countries that she visited. Wonder if she missed us?

I will not be sending out many Christmas cards this year as writing is hard on my left arm, but the wishes will be there to all. Thank God, I can type.

Thank you to all who have provided me with transportation to get groceries and other appointments. I will be ending therapy next week and will be able to drive again — hooray!!!

Prayers for the people who have lost property and lives because of the violent storms in the South. I cannot imagine how these people are going to rebuild their life again.

More next week, good health.