BELFAST — Burglars broke into eight vehicles at the Waldo County YMCA Dec. 2, smashing windows out of five and entering three that were unlocked, according to Belfast Police Chief Robert Cormier.

Thefts from the vehicles were reported between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. when people left the building, he said. He thinks the burglaries could be related to thefts at other YMCA locations.

The burglars drove around the parking lot and pulled up next to the vehicles that were broken into, he said. They did not raise enough suspicion for anyone to notice them, despite there being a lot of activity in the parking lot that night.

Victims had purses and wallets stolen with cash and credit cards, he said. Those who had their checks and credit cards stolen have already reported attempted fraud on those accounts, the chief said.

Video surveillance shows a smaller, white Toyota or Nissan driving around the parking lot that could be connected to the burglaries, Cormier said. It is similar to one seen at the Down East Family YMCA in Hancock County, where similar burglaries were reported over the weekend.

There are no suspects yet and it is unclear if the burglars are local or from out of state, he said. The department is investigating the burglaries as possibly being connected to other burglaries at YMCA locations around New England.

He encourages people to leave valuables at home or lock them in the trunk before leaving their car. He suggested that people park in well-lit locations. Burglars will target vehicles with valuables that are visible. He also suggested that people call in any suspicious behavior. “It never hurts to call us,” he said.

Cormier encourages anyone who might have seen anything that night to report it to the Belfast Police Department at 338-2040 or email Detective Sgt. Fitzpatrick at