We certainly have had enough rain and hope we won’t face another drought for a long time. Good that it is getting into the ground before it freezes.

The birds have been frantically feeding at my feeder. It has been fun to watch them, nuthatches, tufted titmouse, chickadees and my Paul and Mrs. Cardinals. The energy they use gets them one seed and away they go.

“Tiger” Boynton from St. Augustine, Florida, was home for the weekend. His wife was having a group of her friends visiting at their home, so Tiger thought he would get out of Dodge and have a weekend with his parents, Elwin and Gloria Boynton here in town. Tiger got his nickname as a child. He was named Elwin Jr., after his father. He had a good time visiting with his family.

Sympathy to Francis and Penny Nault of town. They lost their son, Marshall Nault tragically Dec. 3. May they have good memories to help them through this time.

Sympathy also goes out to the family of Roberta Herbest of Swanville. She passed away from cancer. She was the wife of Dana Herbest, my nephew and son of my sister-in-law Pat Herbest of Greenville, Alabama. I don’t know any of the plans yet except that Pat and her grandson Clifford, daughter Janice are driving up from Alabama to be here to support Dana and family.

Kathy Jenkins, Planning Board chairman, asked me to put this in my column: “The Prospect Planning Board meets once a month, the second Thursday at 4:15 p.m. at the Prospect Community Dining room. We currently have five members who work well together and have a positive variety of skills and knowledge. We would like to have more representation from the town and are looking for an additional member.”

I would like to add that these people are trying to get people’s ideas of what direction that you want to town to take. There is no big industry around the town, so how do you want the town to develop? Drop in for a visit.

Linda Gamble was down today and told me of her wonderful month-long trip with her daughter Karie and a tour group of 21 people. They went to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand, North and South. She said that everyone was very polite and happy to see them.

In Fiji they heard how life had changed when the white people started to settle there years ago as they were known to eat people!! That must have been a scary time when they first started to live there. They also had glow worms that lived in caves of New Zealand that only came out at night  time to avoid predators. They visited the Sidney Oprah House in Australia and they were the only people that climbed to the top of a bridge in Australia where fireworks are shot off New Year’s Eve. They were always on the move and had to have their luggage ready early in the morning so to keep to the schedule. They would stay maybe two days in one place before moving on. She said the food was OK but definitely not American. She will have many memories of the trip for the future. We’re glad she had a good time and we missed her.

May you have a safe and happy week — we’re getting closer to Christmas.