Dec. 8, 1830

A meeting of the Lyceum will be held on Thursday evening next—Lecture by Dr. Moody on Chemical affinity. Question for discussion is whether the formation of Temperance societies, on the principle of total abstinence from the use of ardent spirits and WINE is to be regarded as more efficacious in suppressing the evil of intemperance than a more liberal principle by which the moderate use of wine is permitted.

Dec. 12, 1845

Thanksgiving appears to have passed off in this section without particular incident, except a snow storm, which has given us good sleighing since, and a ball in the evening, at which a goodly number enjoyed themselves. There was rather a dearth of turkeys, but on the whole a pretty good number had to suffer some. 

Dec. 14, 1860

A movement has been started to make a new county, by taking off the northern portion of Penobscot, with small portions of Hancock and Aroostook, the shire-town to be at Lincoln.

Dec. 9, 1875

One of our city doctors prescribes clam water for a class of his patients, and they thrive wonderfully on it. 

Hazeltine & Bickford have erected a mammoth ice-house at their works at Goose River. It is 100 feet square and twenty feet high. It is the largest building in the city, and will hold an enormous quantity of ice.

Dec. 11, 1890

Marston & Co.’s clothing establishment in the Coliseum rink now employs between forty and fifty people in the building and many outside. New hands are being added daily. Ten more sewing machines will be put in immediately, making thirty-five in all.

Dec. 14, 1905

Giles G. Abbott, who for many years had a large milk route in this city, is to again engage in the business, having bought the route and herd of Mark A. Waldin. Mr. Waldin will drive one month for Mr. Abbott, when the latter will take full charge.

Dec. 11, 1930

Plan on Lights & Tree in Belfast Business Section

The business sections of the city will present a brilliant appearance during the holidays. The Central Maine Power Company is to do the work of installing strings of lights diagonally across Main street from the postoffice to the junction of Cross street and on High street from the City Building to the Windsor Hotel. The light bulbs will be red, blue, green and white. They will be turned on at 4 o’clock and remain on all night. 

A popular subscription will cover the cost of the work.

William H. Wilder, who has been active in this work, presented a petition with others to the City Government meeting Monday evening for the privilege of having a community Christmas tree in postoffice square, this also to be brilliantly lighted. The petition was granted.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.