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For many years I have had interest in becoming a technician for the high school drama department. This being my first year of high school, I have fortunately had the opportunity to act on that longtime wish. At the beginning of the year, I emailed the drama director, Angela Nasen, about lighting for drama and met with her a short while later.

The lighting and sound in Mount View’s auditorium are both controlled by a small booth in the mezzanine of the room, the second story of which can only be entered from outside the auditorium.  Here, a light board can nearly instantaneously change the lighting on the stage and in the seating area alike, and when a computer is attached to the sound system, noise can be broadcast throughout the  auditorium as well.

About a month after this initial meeting, the middle school began casting for a production of “Robin Hood.” Shortly before the play, when we began to run tech, I learned to operate the sound system. This functions by simply plugging a computer into the auditorium’s speaker network and controlling the volume with the sound board. Both the light technician, Jonas Holmes, and I communicated with the stage managers Larkin Phillipe and Mia Donavan using headsets.

For any play, the stage managers have an important role. They are the organizers, making sure actors arrive on stage in time. The technicians perform the changes and effects when needed. They are in many ways a hidden backbone of a performance. The technicians themselves also have a crucial position, for they set the stage for a play.

The lighting, the ambiance and the sudden gravity of a sound effect all originate behind the audience, hidden from view in a small second-story booth. Of course, the most crucial element of a play is the actors, and the cast of “Robin Hood” filled their roles nicely. A good display of acting can serve to create the atmosphere that a play requires, and to convince the audience that they really are witnessing a story unfold. I believe that this cast was able to deliver on that goal.


The Montville Budget Committee will meet Friday, Dec. 16, at 10:30 a.m. at the Town Office.

The Montville  Planning Board will be meeting at the Montville Town Office Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 6 p.m. The agenda is located on the Planning Board page of the town website.

The Select Board is looking to appoint a new school board representative, as well as three members and two alternates to Montville’s Board of Appeals. If interested, please contact the Select Board’s office at 342-5543 or

Liberty Library is collecting mittens and hats for children. The need is great for mittens in small sizes, up to age 5, for the Head Start program at WaldoCAP. They also can use some hats in small sizes for the children and will take some hats and mittens for older children and adults for Family Services as well. Walker School in Liberty is also appreciative of small and larger mittens and hats for the children who attend school there. Yarn and patterns are available in a basket at the library.