BELFAST — The Belfast and Camden Hills wrestling teams — along with 11 other squads from across the state — tested their grappling abilities at the season-opening Lion Invitational Tournament on Saturday, Dec. 10.

By day’s end, it was Wells that proved a cut above the rest as the Warriors amassed 150 points to pin down the team title.

The Windjammers finished second and Lions fourth, while Camden Hills got first-place individual finishes from Landon Pease (132 pounds), Julian Henderson (126), Michael Rollins (138) and Conor Pease (145).

The team scores were: Wells 150, Camden Hills 120, Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln 101.5, Belfast 98, Dirigo of Dixfield 92, Mountain Valley of Rumford 83.5, Oxford Hills of South Paris 73, Skowhegan 63, Lawrence of Fairfield 61, Dexter 36, Mount Ararat of Topsham/Brunswick 24.5, Hampden Academy 18 and Penobscot Valley of Howland no score.

The individual results for Lions and Windjammers from Saturday’s tournament included:

106 pounds — Frank Harford, CH, was pinned by Kaitlynn Scott, Dir, at 1:24; pinned Parker Theriault, PVHS, at 1:40; and was pinned by James Terry, OxH, at 1:37 to finish fourth.

113 pounds (round robin) — Gavynn Young, Bel, lost to Brody Simons, HA, 5-4; pinned Kyle Lund, Dir, at 0:24; and pinned Nicholaus Allen, Wells, at 3:30 to finish second.

Camden Hills’ Julian Henderson, left, and Mount Ararat/Brunswick’s Oriyon Khalilov. Photo by Ken Waltz

120 pounds — Aaliyah Ten Broeck, CH, was pinned by Tim Milliken, Dex, at 0:39; pinned Reaghan Nisbit, MountVal, at 2:39; and was pinned by Wyatt Leighton, MA, at 0:25.

126 pounds — Julian Henderson, CH, pinned Oriyon Khalilov, MtA/B, at 0:14; pinned Calvin Chase, Wells, at 2:33; and pinned Connor Langerak, MA, at 1:49 to finish first.

Hagen Chase, Bel, pinned Miller Foss, Skow, at 3:41; lost to Langerak, MA, 8-0; and was pinned by Eli Lindus, Dir, at 1:59.

Aden Penney, Bel, lost to Langerak, MA, at 0:33; and was pinned by Foss, Skow, at 1:08.

132 pounds — Landon Pease, CH, pinned Jeremy Turner, OxH, at 0:48; defeated Colby Nadeau, Law, 5-4; and defeated Kaden Bonin, Bel, 3-2 to finish first.

Belfast’s Kaden Bonin, top, and Dirigo’s Ethan Olsen. Photo by Ken Waltz

Bonin pinned Ethan Olsen, Dir, at 0:43; pinned Karter Crosby, Wells, at 0:43; and lost to Pease, CH, 3-2 to finish second.

138 pounds — Michael Rollins, CH, pinned Aidan Langtaigne, San, at 1:36; defeated Nate Gamache, MountVal, 14-0; and defeated Owen Harper, MA, 5-2 to finish first.

Ryker Evans, Bel, pinned Chris Watkinson, MtA/B, at 0:53; lost to Harper, MA, 5-4; pinned Kendall Kovales, OxH, at 2:47; and defeated Nate Gamache, MountVal, 10-5 in overtime to finish third.

Camden Hills’ Conor Pease, left, and Belfast’s Brian Lemar. Photo by Ken Waltz

145 pounds — Conor Pease, CH, defeated Brian Lemar, Bel, 10-5; pinned Ashton Darling, Law, at 2:42; and defeated Zack Putnam, MountVal, 4-0 to finish first.

Lemar, Bel, lost to Pease, CH, 10-5; pinned Amelia Maillet, Dir, at 1:49; pinned Herlin Martinez, MtA/B, at 0:57; and defeated Darling, Law, 15-7 to finish third.

Owen Buchanan, Bel, was pinned by Putnam, MountVal, at 0:47; and was pinned Chase Lunetta, Wells, at 1:28.

Belfast’s Mike Ham, left, is congratulated after grueling win. Photo by Ken Waltz

152 pounds — Justin Batty, CH, defeated Tanner Bradeen, Dir, 15-5; was pinned by Aiden Clark, Skow, at 1:44; pinned Andrew Fairbrother, Bel, at 1:22; and lost to Lucas Libby, MountVal, 8-1 to finish fourth.

Fairbrother, Bel, was pinned by Brody Maxon, Wells, at 3:50; defeated Matt Duso, Bel, 10-3; and was pinned by Batty, CH, at 1:22.

Duso, Bel, lost to Libby, MountVal, 22-5; and lost to Fairbrother, Bel, 10-3.

Camden Hills’ Conor Pease, left, and Belfast’s Brian Lemar. Photo by Ken Waltz

160 pounds — Mike Ham, Bel, pinned Dominic Capello, Wells, at 5:54; was pinned by Caleb Chamberland, MtA/B, at 1:20; pinned Quinton Rich, Dex, at 0:54; and was pinned by Capello, Wells, at 3:20 to finish fourth.

Vincent Mainella, CH, pinned Rich, Dex, at 1:07; was pinned by Colton Carter, Law, at 3:43; and was pinned by Capello, Wells, at 3:46.

170 pounds — Gabe Kelley, Bel, was pinned by Dominic Buxton, Wells, at 2:32; and lost by injury default to Cole Darling, Law.

Belfast’s Gavynn Young, right, and Hampden Academy’s Brody Simons. Photo by Ken Waltz

182 pounds — Riley Turner-Watts, CH, was pinned by Kaden Passo, MountVal, at 1:47; pinned Caleb Schobel, Dex, at 3:46; and lost to Passo, MountVal, 10-9 to finish fourth.

195 pounds — Cecil White, CH, was pinned by Harper Jenkins, MA, at 2:58; pinned Nick Welch, Skow, at 0:50; and was pinned by David Race, Dex, at 5:31 to finish fourth.

220 pounds — Jackson Lapierre, Bel, was pinned by Chris Levesque, OxH, at 1:25; defeated Kenrick Williamson, MountVal, 14-6; pinned Chase Jansen, CH, at 1:15; and was pinned by Levesque, OxH, at 1:03 to finish fourth.

Jansen, CH, pinned Alex Race, Dex, at 1:59; was pinned by Isaiah Bradeen, Dir, at 0:34; and was pinned by Lapierre, Bel, at 1:15.

285 pounds — Egan Buchanan, Bel, pinned Jed Fields, Dir, at 2:30; pinned Wesley Baltrus, MountVal, at 2:52; and was pinned by Nathan Malloy, Wells, at 0:31 to finish second.

Joe Morse, CH, pinned Keegan Hight, Dex, at 0:43; was pinned by Malloy, Wells, at 0:22; and was pinned by Fields, Dir, at 2:08.

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