I was surprised and delighted to read that opinions expressed at the City Council’s Belfast Yards work session were so overwhelmingly in favor of leaving the property the heck alone or focusing any changes on maritime uses.

I was not able to attend the work session but I had previously contacted a City Council member asking that keeping the Yards available for parking be discussed.  The response I got was not encouraging but this gives me hope.

It is very easy to overlook how important parking is for visitors, but the Yards property is used extensively throughout tourist season and I am sure a fair percentage of people parking there (and presumably frequenting businesses) would have kept going if parking had been difficult.

Speaking personally, when my wife and I travel we have an extremely low tolerance for wasting our time looking for parking.

Belfast is (thank God) not Bar Harbor.  We  don’t need shops or residences on our wonderful working waterfront.

Bud Nesbit