Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! So many holidays all overlapping onto the winter solstice — that great turning moment when we can look forward to those tiny increments of more light.

The crazy southwest wind and rainstorms reliably knocked down a large fir, from which I gathered boughs for banking the house, tips for my wreaths and topped it for our Christmas tree — one and done. Now to get the snowblower ready for the pounding we appear to be lined up to get.

Town Office

The Town Office will be closed Dec. 23-26. It will also be closed Saturday, Dec. 31, through Monday, Jan. 2, 2023, and possibly longer. The next Select Board meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 27, at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Office.

At press time it was unknown if/when the sealed bids would be opened for the Sullivan Road property. Please keep an eye on the public notice board in front of the Town Office Complex for last-minute changes to the office hours and the bid status.

There will be an opening for a one-day-a-week position in the Town Office. This is a light cleaning and office filing type position. Please call Brenda for more details at 722-3439.

Mount View alumni

Regional School Unit 3 has a call out for 2023 Mount View Alumni Recognition nominations. Forms for the 2023 Alumni Recognition Award are due at the Mount View High School office no later than Jan. 6, 2023. The personal and professional accomplishments of previous graduates will encourage present-day students to reach for the stars! Anyone may make a nomination. For more information, requirements, and the application form, please email mvalumni@rsu3.org or leave a message at 568-4640 to receive a hard copy.

History nugget

Dec. 22 begins the Sign of Capricorn. This zodiac period runs through Jan. 19, 2023. Birthday wishes to all those hard-working and practical people celebrating their birthdays under the sign of the goat. New Englander William Ellery, was born 295 years ago, on Dec. 22, 1727, in Rhode Island, where he was active in politics. He went on to be a signer of the Declaration of Independence — his signature was second in size only to that of John Hancock.