It was a full slate of high school basketball games on the docket on Tuesday, Dec. 20, a scenario that saw a mixed bag of results for Midcoast teams from Oceanside of Rockland, Belfast, Mount View of Thorndike, Searsport and North Haven.

On the day, the Mariner, Mustang and Viking boys posted wins — as did the Mustang girls — while other area squads were dealt losses.

Oceanside’s Alex Bartlett, left, and Belfast’s Eli Veilleux. Photo by Ken Waltz

Back on the court on Thursday, Dec. 22, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro, Vinalhaven and Oceanside netted victories, as did the Camden Hills of Rockport girls.

The following is a recap of reported results:


Piscataquis 40, Searsport 34

At Searsport Dec. 22, despite a late offensive surge from Julianna Sprague, the Pirates held off the Vikings for a six-point victory. Searsport led 8-5 after the first quarter, while Piscataquis led 17-14 at halftime and 28-16 after three quarters.

Sprague scored 24 points to pace Searsport, while Laura Warman added four; Baileigh Bagley, three; and Emily Mello, one.

For PCHS, with first names unavailable, A. Goulette scored 19 points, while A. Ricker added 15; K. Kimball, five; and H. Hunt, one.

The Vikings were 5-of-21 (24 percent) from the foul line, while the Pirates were 8-of-18 (44 percent).

Searsport’s Landon Economy. Photo by Mark Haskell

Oceanside 77, Belfast 28

At Belfast Dec. 22, the defending state Class B champions continued to roll with a lopsided road win over the Lions. Oceanside, which has a 38-game win streak over three years, led 21-5, 40-8 and 62-20 at the quarter breaks.

Bailey Breen paced the Mariners with 25 points, while Audrey Mackie added 15; Aubrianna Hoose, 11; Abby Waterman, eight; Renee Ripley, six; Caitlyn Lamb, four; Lily Stackpole and Emily Sykes, three; and Sophie Daggett, two.

Mackie (2 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals), Breen (8 rebounds, 4 assists), Waterman (7 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 blocked shots, 5 steals), Daggett (5 rebounds, 2 steals), Lamb (2 rebounds, 2 blocks) and Hoose (4 rebounds, 3 assists, 6 steals) also had solid statistical efforts for the Mariners.

Maddie Deans led the Lions with nine points, while Danica Gray and Jaiden Philbrook added six; Audri Goodwin, four; Julie Darres, two; and Alanna Nichols, one.

The Mariners were 7-of-8 (87 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 3-of-8 (37 percent).

Belfast’s K.J. Payson, left, and Oceanside’s Zeb Foster. Photo by Ken Waltz

Camden Hills 46, Lincoln Academy 23

At Newcastle Dec. 22, the Windjammers doubled up the Eagles and sailed to their second win of the season. Camden Hills led 9-7, 22-9 and 33-16 at the quarter breaks.

River Bell led the Windjammers with eight points, while Leah Snyder added seven; Leah Jones, Maddie Cronkite and Rose Tohanczyn, six; Kirsten Jones, four; and Bailey Curtis, Molly Hixon, Amelia Johnson and Bella Ward, two.

For the Eagles, Mariam Delisle led the way with 10 points, while Scarlett O’Brien added six; Natalie Kaler, four; Reegan Dunican, two; and Allison St. Cyr, one.

Camden Hills was 11-of-19 (58 percent) from the foul line, while Lincoln Academy netted 8-of-21 (38 percent) attempts.

Oceanside’s Zeb Foster. Photo by Ken Waltz

Medomak Valley 55, Morse 26

At Waldoboro Dec. 22, the Panthers went on the offensive in a significant way and prowled past the Shipbuilders for the Waldoboro-based squad’s first win. Medomak Valley led 18-4, 32-14 and 44-21 at the quarter breaks.

Addison McCormick paced Medomak Valley with a 24-point, 13-rebound effort, while for points, Kytana Williamson added 13; Sara Nelson, eight; Lily Christ, four; Chelsea Sykes, three; Audrey Jackson, tw; and Haley Puchalski, one. Puchalski added nine rebounds and nine steals for the Panthers.

Reece Darling and Haley Kirkpatrick led Morse with six points, while Danielle Bryant and Zoe Avery added five and Edie McKay and Emma Hart two.

The Panthers were 15-of-26 (58 percent) from the foul line, while the Shipbuilders were 13-of-21 (62 percent).

Searsport’s Julianna Sprague, left, and Piscataquis’ H. Hunt. Photo by Mark Haskell

Vinalhaven 49, Greater Portland Christian 15

At the Augusta Civic Center Dec. 22, the Vikings netted a lopsided win over the Lions in an exhibition game. Vinalhaven led 11-2, 20-8 and 39-9 at the quarter breaks.

Maddie Miller and Lydia Wentworth scored 16 points for the islanders, while Chelsea Waite added eight; Becca Osgood, four; Adelle Wadsworth, three; and Makayla Martin, two.

Grace Longanecker led the Lions with eight points, while Emma Longanecker, Ellie Harrell and Ana Patterson added two and Nana Osei one.

Vinalhaven was 8-of-18 (44 percent) from the foul line, while GPC was 1-of-8 (12 percent).

Searsport’s Emily Mello, left. Photo by Mark Haskell

Mount View 59, Waterville 39

At Thorndike Dec. 20, the Mustangs galloped past the visiting Purple Panthers. Mount View led 18-4, 27-12 and 43-22 at the quarter breaks.

Ari Bradeen pumped in 29 points to lead the hosts, while Savannah Lorenz added 17; Emily Richards, Lily Parsons and Esmae Cote, three; and Bella Serrano and Emma Hurd, two.

Dakodah Aldrich paced Waterville with 17 points, while Abigail Williams added 12; Madison Wilson, five; Madison Gervas, three; and Arrianah Brunelle, two.

The ‘Stangs were 5-of-12 (42 percent) from the foul line, while the Purple Panthers were 12-of-19 (63 percent).

Oceanside’s Zach Woodman, left, and Belfast’s Caden Nickerson (4), among others. Photo by Ken Waltz

Deer Isle-Stonington 43, Searsport 26

At Searsport Dec. 20, the Mariners held the Vikings to a single first-quarter field goal and rode that momentum to a road win. Deer Isle-Stonington led 15-2, 29-8 and 40-15 at the quarter breaks.

Julianna Sprague paced Searsport with 20 points, while Emily Mello added three; Baileigh Bagley, two; and Cara Toothaker, one.

Maya Brown led Deer Isle-Stonington with 12 points, while Macey Brown added eight; Rylee Dorr and Taytum Chase, seven; Megan Wendell, six; Katie Gell, two; and Maddy Eaton, one.

The Vikings were 15-of-23 (65 percent) from the free-throw line, while the Mariners were 6-of-11 (54 percent).

Maine Central Institute 52, Belfast 42

At Pittsfield Dec. 20, the Huskies bested the Lions by double-digits. MCI led 12-8, 25-21 and 37-30 at the quarter breaks.

Julie Darres scored 18 points for Belfast, while Danica Gray added seven; Madison Goodwin and Jaiden Philbrook, four; Halle Tripp and Payten Wadsworth, three; and Madison Deans and Audri Goodwin, two.

For MCI, with first names unavailable, H. Robinson scored 20 points, while S. Dean added 11; T. Leavitt and E. Bernier, seven; K. Dunton, four; J. Foster, two; and J. Riendeau, one.

Pine Tree Academy 39, North Haven 26

At North Haven Dec. 20, the Breakers bested the islanders by 13 points. PTA led 12-7 after the first quarter, while North Haven led 16-13 at halftime and 24-22 after three quarters.

Izzy Haskell keyed North Haven with 10 points, while Hannah White added eight; Maddie Lattimer, four; and Whitney Newman and Sophie Hansen, two.

For PTA, Paige Tyson netted 122 points, while Chantal Bazizane added 10; Madelyn Verrill, four; Kathryn Callender, two; and Oreana Yeaton, one.

The Hawks were 4-of-8 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Breakers were 6-of-11 (54 percent).


Oceanside 113, Belfast 34

At Rockland Dec. 22, the Mariners broke the century mark in a lopsided win over the Lions. Oceanside led 32-15, 59-21 and 99-23 at the quarter breaks.

Cohen Galley led Oceanside with 26 points, while Carter Galley added 22; Zach Woodman, 17; Zeb Foster, 14; Alex Collins, eight; Jackson Kay, seven; Parker Darge, six; Alex Bartlett, four; Dom Frisone, three; and Maddox Robishaw, two.

Eli Veilleux paced Belfast with 11 points, while K.J. Payson added nine; James Ritter, six; Jeremiah Porter and Bobby Banks, three; and Eli Slaughter, two.

The Mariners were 9-of-11 (81 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 3-of-10 (30 percent).

Searsport’s Sean Paige, left, and Piscataquis’ Ty Cobb. Photo by Mark Haskell

Piscataquis 42, Searsport 41

At Searsport Dec. 22, the Pirates did just enough down the stretch to edge the host Vikings. Searsport led 7-6, 27-16 and 32-31 at the quarter breaks.

Landon Economy led Searsport with 17 points, while Tim Smith added 12; Gage Ellis, nine; Cole Ellis, two; and Sean Paige, one.

Brady Gaw keyed Piscataquis with 19 points, while Dawson Simpson added seven; Scott Chadbourne, six; Ben Higgins and Gabe Soctoma, four; and Gaige Tracy, two.

The Vikings were 9-of-18 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Pirates were 8-of-16 (50 percent).

Searsport’s Tim Smith, left, Piscataquis’ Ty Cobb, right, among another. Photo by Mark Haskell

Lincoln Academy 71, Camden Hills 61

At Newcastle Dec. 22, the Eagles soared past the Windjammers and to a 10-point victory. Lincoln Academy led 26-19 after the first quarter, while the squads were tied 36-36 at halftime. Lincoln Academy retook a 49-46 lead after three stanzas.

Quincy Messer led the Windjammers with 24 points, while Ben Tohanczyn added 10; Nolan Ames, eight; Will Duke, seven; and Owen Reynolds and Hunter Bell, six;

For the Eagles, Gabe Hagar netted 22 points, while Jake Masters added 17; Tucker Stiles, 16; Lucas Houghton and Tyson Ball, seven; and E.J. Hunt, two.

Camden Hills was 12-of-16 (75 percent) from the foul line, while Lincoln Academy netted 17-of-30 (57 percent) attempts.

Searsport’s Willow Law. Photo by Mark Haskell

Medomak Valley 58, Morse 31

At Bath Dec. 22, the Panthers forced 27 turnovers — many of which were turned into quick buckets — in a lopsided win over the Shipbuilders. Medomak Valley led 7-2, 26-9 and 44-16 at the quarter breaks.

Kory Donlin paced the Panthers with 21 points, while Gabe Lash added 13; Blake Morrison and Finn Parmley, six; Jaiden Starr, four; Kevin Sincyr and Gavin Clark, three; and Tucker Holgerson, two.

For the Shipbuilders, with first names unavailable, C. Gould led with eight points, while R. Eich added five; N. Pesce, T. McFarland and A. Card, four; and D. Brown, B. Williams and W. Shipley, two.

Medomak Valley was 4-of-10 (40 percent) from the foul line, while Morse was 7-of-13 (54 percent).

Vinalhaven 60, Greater Portland Christian 32

At the Augusta Civic Center Dec. 22, the Vikings netted a lopsided win over the Lions in an exhibition game. Vinalhaven led 4-2, 23-16 and 41-21 at the quarter breaks.

Robbie Swears poured in 32 points for the Vikings, while Kyle Grant and Tanner Lazaro added six; Sam Wentworth and Hunter Hamilton, five; and Joe Lazaro, four.

Christian Viekman scored 12 points for GPC, while Ethan Doan added eight; Kaden Peterson and Isaiah Irish, three; and Wim Eiten and Tyler Wilson, two.

Oceanside 92, Erskine Academy 46

At South China Dec. 20, the unbeaten Mariners got scores from each member on the roster in a lopsided win over the Eagles. Oceanside led 23-10, 35-22 and 66-34 at the quarter breaks.

Carter Galley led Oceanside with 20 points, while Zach Woodman added 14; Alex Collins, 12; Cohen Galley, 10; Alex Bartlett and Zeb Foster, nine; Jackson Kay, six; Ben Tripp, five; Dominic Frisone, four; Parker Darge, two; and Maddox Robishaw, one.

For Erskine Academy, Kaden Porter led the way with 16 points, while Tristan Anderson added 10; Nathan Robinson, six; Carson Appel, four; Noah Crummett, three; Landon Lefevbre, Emmett Appel and Keenan Clark, two; and Bo Johnson, one.

The Mariners were 6-of-15 (40 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Eagles were 11-of-15 (73 percent).

Mount View 85, Waterville 63

At Waterville Dec. 20, the Mustangs pulled away from the Purple Panthers late in the second half and prevailed by 22 points. Mount View led 17-16 after the first quarter, while Waterville led 30-28 at halftime. Mount View then retook a 52-43 edge after three quarters.

Noah Hurd paced Mount View with 29 points, while Tyler Russell added 19; Collin Jones, 12; Wyatt Evensen, seven; Max Bottenfield and Isaac Ellis, five; Stuart Knowlton, three; and Ryan Oliver and Ben Osbourne, two.

Spencer Minihan scored 14 points for Waterville, while Ethan Hobart added 13; Dustan Hunter, 10; Garrett Gendreau, seven; Nicholas Poulin, six; Asher Grazulis and Derek Conture, four; John Nawfel and Chris Nawfel, two; and Cade Rogers, one.

The Mustangs were 13-of-18 (72 percent) from the foul line, while the Purple Panthers were 9-of-15 (60 percent).

Maine Central Institute 66, Belfast 30

At Belfast Dec. 20, the Huskies prowled to a strong lead early and never looked back en route to a lopsided win over the Lions. MCI led 26-9, 42-18 and 54-25 at the quarter breaks.

K.J. Payson paced the hosts with 10 points, while Eli Veilleux added seven; Eli Slaughter, five; James Ritter, four; and Jeremiah Porter and Ted Dyer, two.

Braydon Fitts paced MCI with 26 points, while Drew Shorey added nine; Colton Allen and Braeden Kennedy, eight; and Caleb Kennedy and Cihan Guzeltas, four.

The Lions were 5-of-14 (36 percent) from the foul line, while the Huskies were 6-of-15 (40 percent).

Searsport 51, Deer Isle-Stonington 22

At Searsport Dec. 20, the Vikings outscored the Mariners in each stanzasand earned a convincing home victory. Searsport led 10-4, 20-15 and 30-19 at the quarter breaks.

Landon Economy and Tim Smith netted 14 points for the Vikings, while Gage Ellis added seven; Sean Paige, six; Ashton Ellis, four; and Cole Ellis, Oliver Carbisiero and Ravon Carbisiero, two.

Isaiah Hatch scored nine points for the Mariners, while Jon McManus added eight and Chris Shahan five.

Searsport was 12-of-26 (46 percent) from the charity stripe, while Deer Isle-Stonington was 1-of-5 (20 percent).

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