I read with interest your Dec. 19 article on Upstream Watch appealing a Waldo County Superior Court denial of Upstream’s standing in a case regarding Nordic Aquafarms. As the article states, the court ruled that Upstream doesn’t have standing to appeal the Belfast Planning Board’s decision granting Nordic Aquafarms a permit to build its $500 million industrial fish farm.

That court ruling is nonsense. Upstream Watch is a duly and fully incorporated nonprofit and a perfectly legitimate representative of a large swath of Belfast and Northport residents who would be directly affected by Nordic’s plan to daily spew 7.7 million gallons of effluent into Belfast Bay, to endanger our water supply by using at least 630 million gallons of freshwater per year, and to destroy dozens of acres of mature forest, vital wetlands and precious wildlife habitat, including that of at least one threatened species.

If Upstream Watch doesn’t have standing, then who does? Would the court have each and every Upstream member individually file for standing? That would be difficult, as we don’t have the vast sums Nordic has spent defending itself from the people of Maine. Nor do we have the necessary time, as we already have our hands full fighting Nordic’s plans to destroy our environment and endanger our water supply for the benefit of its executives and investors.

Given the climate crisis and Nordic’s quite considerable carbon footprint, we all have standing in this, every last one of us.

Lawrence Reichard