I was driving around Cape Jellison in Stockton Springs recently and was struck by the number of posted “No trespassing,” “No hunting,” “No fishing,” “Trespassers will be prosecuted” signs. Now this was not the first time I have seen those obnoxious yellow signs. But it seems they are the newest and most popular decoration on recently purchased parcels all over the state.

If you are one of the new arrivals to our beautiful state, I ask, did you ever wonder why all that land you just bought was not posted? Now don’t get me wrong — it is your property and you have every right to post it. But what are you trying to protect?

If people have entered your property and done damage or stolen private property, I can understand your angst, and although it still would make me sad to not be allowed on a piece of property that I may have hunted, hiked or fished on for most of my life, I would understand your response to that type of insult.

Maine is a very special place. We have here in this state many places of natural beauty. We have hundreds of lakes and ponds and trout streams to fish or recreate. We have miles of beautiful hiking  trails. Most of the land that was readily available to everyone was on privately owned property, much of it held by the paper companies, but some also held by individual landowners who had the financial ability to buy their cabin in the woods.

Many, myself included, have always appreciated and respected that land that did not belong to them. That freedom to roam this great state is one of the many things that makes Maine so very special. I would hope that in the future we will still be able roam through this beautiful state, more or less unposted.

Thank you.

Leo H. Mazerall Jr.

Stockton Springs