Jan. 4, 1867

Boys Using Tobacco. A strong and sensible writer says a good, sharp thing, and a true one, too, for boys who use tobacco. It tends to softening and weakening of the bones, and it greatly injures the brain, the spinal marrow and the whole nervous fluid.

A boy who smokes early and frequently, or in any way uses large quantities of tobacco, is never known to make a man of much energy, and generally lacks muscular and physical as well as mental power. We would particularly warn boys who want to be any thing in the world, to shun tobacco as a most baneful poison. It injures the teeth. It produces an unhealthy state of the throat and lungs, hurts the stomach, and blasts the brain and nerves.

Jan. 3, 1889

The names of the streets have been posted at the corners.

Belfast Jail.  The Prison and Jail Inspectors have made their annual report. Of our county jail they say: “The Waldo county jail at Belfast, is old, badly constructed and unhealthy. The jailor’s house is new, apparently well built.” The sheriff reported for the year ending Nov. 30, as follows: whole number in jail during the year 203, all males; tramps, 111; poor debtors, 2; committed for drunkenness, 78; for selling intoxicating liquor, 8.

Dec. 29, 1921

Jesse L Staples met with an accident at the R. R. Depot Friday afternoon while at work unloading a freight car. A keg of pickles slipped and fell on one of his feet fracturing a bone.

“Barney” the handsome Irish setter owned by Chas. R. Coombs died suddenly last Monday of acute indigestion. He was seven years old and was raised by his owner. Barney will be missed in the Coombs home but he had many friends outside the family circle who always had a welcome and kind word for him.

Jan. 4, 1945

The blueberry growers of Waldo County will hold a meeting in the County Court House at Belfast Friday, January 5. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss with representatives of the Extension Service, Experiment Station, and the blueberry industry the development of a research management and marketing program for the industry that will be of assistance in solving the many problems along those lines which are facing it…Blueberries are recognized as the leading cash crop in Washington, Hancock and Knox-Lincoln Counties and of secondary importance, considering the whole county, in Waldo County. However in that section of Waldo County where they are grown they do produce a very sizable income.

Jan. 3, 1957

Crutches From The Sky

The 1957 March of Dimes drive in Waldo County got an unexpected boost on New Year’s Day.

Richard Whittemore of Brewer, a polio victim himself, flew over the Belfast Airport in his light plane and dropped a bundle of blue polio crutches to Waldo County drive officials who gathered at the scene.

The plastic crutches will be given to persons in the county who donate to the March of Dimes.

Whittemore picked up his unusual cargo in New York and dropped individual bundles to towns and cities in the state.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.