The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 1 through Dec. 14, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Colleen Oberg Revocable Living Trust to Michael A. Simon and Carol S. Simon.

Tidewater Oil Company and Tidewater Oil Co. to Dead River Company LLC.

Ridgely Fuller to Nicholas Fuller Googins and Benjamin Patrick Fuller-Googins.

Dennis A. Nickerson to Dennis A. Nickerson Living Trust.

Barbara J. Taylor Living Trust to Christina DelSanto and Anthony Jacovino.


Robert V. Maresh Jr. to Christian Mead and Veronica Maresh Mead.


Judith Ann Oxton Est. to Wendy E. Chaston and Herbert L. Oxton Jr.


Town of Burnham to Alan Barry and Clevette Barry.

Gregory S. Miles to Gregory S. Miles and Gavin A. Miles.

Jeffrey Gordon Keene Est., Patricia Ann Watson and Pamela Lynn Keene-Perreault to Pamela Lynn Keene-Perreault and Patricia Watson Trust.


Kathleen M. Perin to Marie Perin.

Chester A. Martin to Mercedes Sullivan, Miles Martin and Matthias Martin.


Gail A. Drye to Adam M. Cordova.

Charles W. Hadyniak and Lynn W. Hadyniak to Charles W. Hadyniak Living Trust and Lynn Q. Hadyniak Living Trust.


Cornelia T. Carroll Est. to Thomas T. Carroll, John L. Carroll Jr., Genevieve A. Carroll TR, Christopher C. Gerard TR and Art 9th Trust.

Genevieve A. Carroll TR, Christopher C. Gerard TR, Art 6th Trust and Art 9th Trust to Genevieve A. Carroll.

Leila Babbidge Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Nelson-Benware Trust.

Erin M. Comstock and James Comstock to Nina T. Choa.

Andrew Gray Peipers to Andrew G. Peipers Trust.

Dillon Trust Company LLC TR to Islesboro Islands Trust.

Gilkey Harbor LLC to to Islesboro Islands Trust.


Ernest C. Young and Tina L. Young to Carrie Peavey.

Carrie Peavey to Tina L. Young and Ernest C. Young.

Lindsay L. Morong to Michael D. Battles, Jacqueline P. Battles and Andrew J. Battles.

Town of Liberty to Brenda M. Billings.

Town of Liberty to Henry Bruneau and Carla Gartsu.


Alexandra Doan and Justin L. Doan to Alexandra Dolina & Justin Doan Living Trust.


Sean James to Olivier Rixe and Sophit Rixe.

Town of Monroe to Janet Roxborough and Joseph Roxborough.


Sandra J. Place Living Trust to Janette C. Banks and Louis Dublin.


Carolyn B. Hall to Jeffrey Hall, Jeremy Hall and Jonathan Hall.

Deborah B. Troio to Jenna Troio.


Courtney Collins to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

No Location

Eddy Jabre to William M. Kilroy and Maureen A. Kilroy.


Rosie K. Boynton to Anna Ames Poto.

John G. Boynton to Anna Ames Poto.

Avis Winchester and Bobbi M. Johnson to Petra Hartlova.

Sandra C. Knowlton and Benjamin W. Knowlton to Sean C. James.

Bryan Thomas Field and Shiloh Dinelle Field to Seth A. Thayer Jr. and Gregory N. Tinder.

Mildred S. Magruder Est. to Scott W. Magruder.

Stephen Brown and Martha E. Briana to Michael Bertram and Erica Bertram.


Edward Robert Temple Living Trust to Dale McKenney and Pamela McKenney.

Charles A. Wing and Julie E. Wing to Matthew Norcia and Kara Norcia.

Clark V. Cail to Marianna S. Cail and Christian L. Whitaker.

Malcolm Family Revocable Living Trust to Peter Malcolm.

Maureen A. Kilroy and William M. Kilroy to Christina S. DeGroff and Robert C. DeGroff.

Gordon C. Swift Sr. and Doris A. Swift to Cheryl A. Allen.

Paul H. Wallis Testamentary Trust to Marymina Wallis.

Marymina Wallis to Midcoast Conservancy.


Alita M. Peters Est. to Daniel Pelletier, Lisa Ferguson and Gary Ferguson.


Charles E. Martz III to Crystal Lynn Martz.

Cathleen O. Cram Est. to Sherman C. Cram.

Benjamin Leach and Amanda Leach to Kathy J. Anderson.


Bradley E. Bowen to Bradley E. Bowen and Sarah Macy.

Alice Realty LLC to Dodzweit LLC.

Dexter Littlefield to Suzanne Astbury.

Stockton Springs

Sundownes Property Development LLC to Marguerite M. Moore and Douglas J. Moore Sr.

Charles Walter Lerette and Cynthia Ann Lerette to Cynthia A. & Charles W. Larette Living Trust.

Alfred George to Victoria L. George and Alfred George.


Christopher Lewis to Christa K. Dodd Revocable Living Trust and Lawrence A. Dodd.

Esther M. Colby and Stanley D. Colby to Colby Family Trust.

Stanley D. Colby to Pamela M. Colby.

Jerry Dale Gould Jr. and Rebecca Lynn Gould to Caitlin J. Horigan.


John R. Wilson Est. to Phillip Platz and Grace Normann.


Pamela Reynolds, Cheryl Crummett, Kevin Reynolds and Randall Reynolds HRS to Juanita Reynolds.

Avila D. Antonio to Christopher Domenici.


Howard Milton Whitcomb to Matthew M. Weaver.

John E. Patrick to Maria Orlova and Yuriy Orlov.


Charles F. Pattavina to 709 North Main Street LLC and Seven Hundred Nine North Main Street LLC.

Dawn M. Gerry and Michael S. Gerry Sr. to Rachel Solange Latham and Kenneth Edward Latham.

Kikue M. Stephenson Est. to Patricia A. Forrest, Thomas M. Stephenson III and Marietta S. Coulter Living Trust.

Jean E. Anderson and Thomas R. Anderson to J&M Realty LLC.

Kelly Pinckney to Derek T. Davis and Tisha Clark.

Sheila T. Stephenson Est. to Ethan Ginn.

Dawn L. Gower to HBH Builders Lawn Care & Snow Removal LLC.

Maine Construction LLC to Mark Foster.