Hello All,

It is the end of 2022, but we hope to have a Happy New Year in 2023. Wishing all good health, happiness and love. Let’s not forget to be kind. Winter especially can be a stressful time for many. Be nice, a smile and thank you can go a long ways.


Yes, we got a snowstorm. Many thousands all over lost their power over the Christmas weekend. Luckily, we never lost ours. I called it a Christmas miracle. The wind blew so hard, and was scary sounding. We stayed strong thinking some were worse off than us. Thanks to the snow plowers, linemen, EMTs and firefighters, law enforcement, those in EMS, and all. Most appreciated!!

Every time the power flickered I thought, there it goes, but thankfully stayed on. And I’m grateful. Some people still haven’t got power yet according to a news report.


To the family of Marie Pagel Warman on your loss, she passed Christmas Eve at 93 years. Sympathy to the family and friends of Linda Lord who has resided at the nursing home for several years and passed this week. I remember Linda as a character and fun. May they both rest in peace.


Congrats to Jeffrey and Norene Downer Linscott on their 48th anniversary. To Brian and Lynn Gardner Warman on their 49th anniversary.


Happy 6th birthday to Brielle Eaton! Happy 12th birthday to Ashlynn Doughty!

Visit to town

Wayne, Katie, David and I had breakfast at the Purple Cow in Fairfield. Sara, you were missed. I got my gifts from them as well. Always fun with them all.

Amish Store, and Charcuterie

Closing for inventory and break on Jan. 1 to 16. Wednesday doughnuts will be back soon, as well as baked goods on Fridays and Saturdays.

Thinking of those sick

Get well soon, Sam Cobb. Thinking of you as you recover from your surgery. Thinking of those also battling cancer having chemo. Kick cancer’s butt.

Until next time,

Be safe, and stay warm. Thanks for reading my column this past year, it went by fast. Call me with your news.


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