Hello Waldo! Happy New Year! Apologies for so few columns in December; the first half of the month I was very busy with my business, and then the second half of the month we got hit with seasonal illnesses. I’m just getting over RSV and it has been worse than I expected. Stay healthy!

Many months later, the shoulders of the new, built up section of road on the East Waldo Road were finished/improved. The road is much safer now. Another section of road was built up as well. I hope they do this on the straightaway near the Belfast line, as that part of the road gets quite bad. The new elevated road areas seemed to fare much better after all the rain we had, so the work has been worth it. And this time the contractors cleaned up their work! Now if only the dump trucks would stop rally racing back and forth when they are working.

I’m sure most of you had the same 30-48 hour power outage we had on the 23rd. We got to test out our new generator and let me tell you it was a relief, the two days before Christmas (including Christmas Eve), to be able to cook, wash dishes, have lights and take a warm shower. More and more of us are relying on generators since CMP is notorious for multi-day outages. I hope everyone was able to stay safe and warm.

Multiple long-range weather forecasts are calling for some temperature swings this winter. I think I prefer it that way; the breaks from the cold make winter more bearable. We will see if we get any ski-able snow, but right now we are enjoying the bare ground and some family hikes. I hope you’re finding ways to enjoy winter, too.

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