AUGUSTA — The Montville Transfer Station is one of five recipients in the second round of Waste Diversion Grant awards for recycling and organic management projects recently announced by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. By increasing composting and recycling opportunities around Maine, these projects aim to divert waste from disposal.

Montville will receive $30,000 to purchase a recycling transport vehicle.

The town of Montville currently shares a recycling agreement with the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center. The town is located only 16 miles away from the recycling center, but has been unable to secure cost-effective transport for its recyclables. The purchase of a 16- to 18-foot box truck will allow Montville citizens and businesses to continue to participate with UARRC and its recycling program.

Reducing the volume of materials we consume by reusing items, and recycling products and packaging can significantly reduce our environmental impacts and help to enhance sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and cut overall costs.