BELFAST — Every year The Game Loft and I Know ME programs take time to honor their youth volunteers at an annual awards ceremony. Kids from the two programs logged over 800 collective service hours in ’21-’22, “an outstanding accomplishment and immeasurable contribution to our community!” according to a press release from Ray and Patricia Estabrook, founding co-directors.

Two youths shared Volunteer of the Year honors for logging 120-plus hours: Damian Whitmore and Linford Young.

Autumn Fletcher and Desmin Littlefield achieved Gold Level honors for donating 80 to 119.75 volunteer hours. Silver Level honors went to Sawyer Collins, Jesse Cowan and Damien Hutchinson for their 40 to 79.75 hours of volunteer work.

Certificates for Copper Level honors (8 to 39.75 hours) went to Izzy Christensen, Wesley Cowan, Tyson Downs, Breelyn Harrison, Jayden Haseenbank, Harmony Lane, Ethan Marietta, Shi McLellan, Seth Patten, Henry Saggese and Anna Suitor.

And Honor Level (0.25 to 7.75 hours) certificates were presented to Chase Whitmore and Zelda Richardson.

“We are proud of our youth volunteers,” the Estabrooks said in their announcement. “The missions of our programs include a strong focus on community involvement.  When young people volunteer to help others it is an outward and visible sign of an inward turning away from self-preoccupation to service to your neighbor and the community. Psychologists and faith leaders alike tell us that the road to happiness and fulfillment is service to others.

“Our youth set an example of service to others. Each year we honor our youth with certificates of achievement and the praise of our community.”