The court ruling that Upstream does not have standing (Dec. 29, 2022, issue) to appeal the Belfast Planning Board’s granting Nordic Aquafarms a permit was necessary because the group is not forthcoming. The group claims to monitor Midcoast watersheds, which include the counties of Lincoln, Knox, Waldo, Sagadahoc and northern Cumberland, and also the islands in the bay.

The term “monitor” is an active verb meaning to regularly check or examine. This group does not have the personnel, equipment or the scientific ability to do so. There is not an active marine scientist in the group and there never has been. The group lists “research experts” but does not provide any comments from them.

A review of the Upstream Facebook page does not include anything from these experts, either. The group’s expressed concerns are not well supported, obviously biased, and often spurious. The members of Upstream would do better by just being straightforward about the true basis of their concerns, but it is difficult to admit to being self-serving.

Keith Dunson