Happy New Year to you all and may it be better than last year. If you have a birthday or an anniversary, I wish you a great day.

Please note the change of my email, due to my being almost hacked, which resulted in my being off-line while my laptop was at the Geek Squad to have it completely scrubbed out.

This was because I received an email from supposedly Geek Squad that I was going to be charged $550 for services. They included a number that I could call to discuss the payment of such. I called the number and told them I did not order this and did not want this, so that was when it all started with moving from one spot to another to cancel the charge. I stupidly gave them permission to go into my account to HELP me get his charge canceled. While they were in there, they transferred $20,000 from my savings into an entity to Chase with intentions all draining my accounts.

Blessfully, Rosemarie was here and I told her of this mess, she Googled it and told me that it was a scam. I was lucky that this occurred on a late Friday afternoon and it was storming and I told them I wasn’t going out in this and I would call them Monday after I went to the Credit Union. Needless to say, I received several calls from them urging me to do this as soon as possible and I told them I would call them on Monday as the Credit Union was closed over the weekend.

Monday morning at 8:10 I called the Credit Union and told them of the mess I was in and to close down all my accounts and Rosemarie was also on the line telling them the same thing. They worked very quickly, saving my accounts intact. Of course, I received many calls from the hackers that morning and on advice of the Credit Union, I did not answer them. Received one  in the afternoon and Rosemarie answered and tore him a new one, will not say what she said but he did not call again.

Just heard that the state Senate and House passed the new Heating Relief Bill and that the checks will be sent out this month. The amount will be based on your Income. Sure hope this will be used to help with the oil bills.

Sending prayers to the many people here in town with their medical issues and for their comfort.

Have had more rain than snow, so the traveling has been pretty good, but remember that on cold mornings the roads can have black ice, so travel with care.

Wish you all a healthy and happy week. — Barbara