Greetings, Brooks. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2023!

At this point, I’m wondering how many of you read this column. We’ve had many instances of citizens stating that they had no idea of events, occurrences or opportunities available to residents.

The latest was a social media post regarding the library in the Town Office. “How many of you were aware that Brooks even has a library? We need to get this secret out.” That information, along with photographs, has appeared in this column more than once. I’ve also written about the Mini Library on the porch of the Marsh River Cooperative.

This past summer, people also complained that they had no idea that there was an important meeting and discussion about bringing broadband internet to town.

All of this type of information is posted at multiple locations in town, on social media, the town website and in this column. It is also announced at the First Congregational Church. What more can be done? If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

In that vein, it is extremely rare that I ever hear from anyone who wants to have a personal event or announcement included in this column. So — should we continue? It is a lot of work for Republican Journal staff as well.

Just a reminder to dog owners: Licenses are due. Get them as soon as possible to avoid a fine if you register them after Jan. 31.

Happy January birthdays to Susan Champa, Nancy Kragh, Judy Brossmer and Ray Quimby.

Until next time … peace.

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