Hello to all my friends, family and news readers. Hope you all are doing good and staying healthy.

Junior Firefighter Program

Age 14-18, young men and ladies wanted. Belfast, Belmont, Morrill, Searsmont and Waldo fire departments. These departments are accepting juniors in their fire departments now. Parents’ permission is required.

A five- to six-session course will be offered in February, with the date to be set after class membership is established. The class will be both classroom and hands on. We will try to work around school and sports commitments.

For details and/or enrollment, contact your fire chief:

Belfast Chief Patrick Richards, 338-3362

Belmont Chief Ron Harford, 322-7362

Morrill S.O. Jethro Pease, 342-5910

Searsmont Chief Hames Ames, 314-2927

Waldo Chief Brian Walker, 322-9362

Happy birthday to Levi Webster on Jan. 10.

Mom had cataract surgery Jan. 4 on her right eye. She is doing great and can’t wait to have the left eye done on the 18th.

Would love to hear from you about any birthdays, anniversaries, anything going on. This is your column and would love to include some of your events.

Everyone, please drive safely if you have to be out on the icy roads that we have been having and now we are supposed to have some snow. Be safe and have a really great week.

Keep an eye out for all the shut-ins and please find out if they need anything. I know that we have been checking on someone that has been real sick since before Christmas and have been getting things she needs.

Quote of the week 

You don’t always need to understand your journey in life. you just need to trust that you’re going in the right direction. — Steven Aitchison