NEWPORT — In a close overall outcome that came down to the wire, Belfast wrestlers finished on top — by a mere two points — in the Nokomis Warrior Clash on Saturday, Jan. 7.

While the Lions clawed to the top of the standings, another Waldo County squad, namely, Mount View of Thorndike, finished tied for eighth among the 22 high school teams at the tournament.

The team scores were: Belfast 89.5, Dirigo of Dixfield 87, Piscataquis of Guilford 84.5, Mount Blue of Farmington 83.5, Oxford Hills of South Paris 82, Nokomis 61, Dexter 58, Lawrence of Fairfield 53, Mount View 53, Bucksport 48, Fort Kent 47.5, Ellsworth 41, Skowhegan 40, Foxcroft Academy of Dover-Foxcroft 40, Monmouth Academy/Richmond 23.5, Old Town 21, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 19, Madison 9, Winthrop 4, Poland 1 and Brewer and independents no score.

The Lions earned two individual first and three thirds. The Mustangs had a first, third and fourth.

Gavynn Young (113 pounds) and Kaden Bonin (126) finished first for Belfast and Josiah Miller (138) first for Mount View.

The individual Belfast and Mount View results were:

113 pounds — Gavynn Young, Bel, received a first-round bye; pinned Spencer Richard, Mad, at 2:52; and pinned Noah Woodruff, Dex, at 2:34 in the championship final. Young finished first.

Shane Goguen, MtV, was pinned by Joel Allen, Ells, at 1:24; pinned Logan Smith, MtB, at 1:32; and was pinned by Spencer Richard, Mad, at 1:51.

120 pounds — Hagen Chase, Bel, lost to Caiden Skidgell, Dir, 4-2; won by technical fall over Jovin Pesek, Ells, 15-0; won by major decision over Nate Durgin, Fox, 9-0; and beat Bryce Atkisson, OxH, 2-0 in overtime, in the consolation final. Chase finished third.

Antonio Vieira, MtV, pinned Jovin Pesek, Ells, at 2:14; was pinned by Caiden Skidgell, Dir, at 4:59; and lost to Bryce Atkisson, OxH, 16-10.

126 pounds — Kaden Bonin, Bel, pinned Gabe Cupero, Dex, at 0:53; won by technical fall over Hayden Hanson, Fox, 15-0; and beat Eli Lindus, Dir, 9-5, in the championship final. Bonin finished first.

132 pounds — Brody Weaver, Bel, was pinned by Nick Rowe, MtB, at 1:00 in a pigtail match.

138 pounds — Josiah Miller, MtV, beat Sybastian Garey, OxH, 8-3; beat Ryker Evans, Bel, 11-9; and pinned Karson Tibbetts, Pis, at 6:39 (overtime) in the championship final. Miller finished first.

Ryker Evans, Bel, won by technical all over Grayson Mote, Ells, 17-0; lost to Josiah Miller, MtV, 11-9; and lost to Kaden Hewett-Adams, MtB, 3-2.

145 pounds — Brian Lemar, Bel, pinned Tanyopn Gibbs, Fox, at 2:56; lost by major decision to Hunter Wormwood, OxH, 15-6; pinned Sam Schultz, Mon/Rich, at 3:38; and beat Jacob Cote, Nok, 7-5, in the consolation final. Lemar finished third.

Chase Kenney, MtV, pinned Amelia Maillet, Dir, at 0:45 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Hunter Wormwood, OxH, at 1:32; and was pinned by Tanyon Gibbs, Fox, at 0:45.

152 pounds — Isaiah Alvarez, Bel, was pinned by Tanner Bradeen, Dir, at 0:52 in a pigtail match.

Alex Whitney, MtV, was pinned by Wyatt Poulin, Law, at 1:14 in a pigtail match.

160 pounds — Gabriel Kelley, Bel, beat Skyler Gibbs, Fox, 9-2; was pinned by Alex Zeller, Pis, at 2:34; pinned Carter Desjardins, FK, at 0:55; and pinned Skyler Gibbs, Fox, at 3:19 in the consolation final. Kelley finished third.

170 pounds — Matthew Crockett, MtV, forfeited due to injury to Cole Darlin, Law, in a pigtail match.

Matt Duso, Bel, was pinned by Dominic Cookson, Pis, at 1:58 in a pigtail match.

182 pounds — Anthony Mathous, MtV, pinned David Tuttle, Pis, at 2:34; was pinned by Quade Black, Mon/Rich, at 4:34; beat Freddie Beem, Dex, 6-2; and beat David Tuttle, Pis, 9-3, in the consolation final. Mathous finished third.

195 pounds — Carlos Benitez, Bel, pinned Nick Welsh, Skow, at 0:48 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Connor Fitch, Buck, at 0:46; pinned Aedan Barrett, MtV, at 3:39; and was pinned by Caleb Schobel, Dex, at 1:22.

Aedan Barrett, MtV, was pinned by Bradford Couture, MtB, at 0:33; and was pinned by Carlos Benitez, Bel, at 3:39.

220 pounds — Cooper Wren, MtV, pinned Braley Farr, Mon/Rich, at 0:54 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Isaiah Bradeen, Dir, at 0:56; won by forfeit due medical reasons over David Race, Dex; and lost by major decision to Chris Levesque, OxH, 13-2.

Jackson Lapierre, Bel, was pinned by Chris Levesque, OxH, at 3:00; and was pinned by Gage Gross, Nok, at 2:21.

285 pounds — Riley Bryant, MtV, pinned Camren Ryder, MtB, at 0:27; lost to Beau Talbot, Pis, 5-3; pinned Alex Race, Dex, at 1:46; and lost to Wyatt Weaver, Buck, 4-1 in overtime, in the consolation final. Bryant finished fourth.

Quinn Gobin, Bel, pinned Trevor Donahue, Mad, at 3:13 in a pigtail match; was pinned by Andrew Wisecup, Dir, at 0:33; and was pinned by Alex Race, Dex, at 1:37.

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