Jan. 13, 1854

Health of Belfast.—On Sunday, in his New Year’s sermon, Rev. N. C. Fletcher, of the Universalist society, remarked that during thirteen months there had been but two deaths, and those of very small children, out of his parish of over a hundred families. Rev. Mr. Palfrey, pastor of the Unitarian church, said there had been out of his parish of about seventy families, we think only six deaths.

It is a pleasing thing,—and we ought to be very grateful for the opportunity,—to see the sleighs capsize in front of our office. We doubt if there could be a more ingenious contrivance for turning over a sleigh, than the snow bank under our windows. We expect every day when the interest attached to these accidents, will be heightened by the breaking of somebody’s neck. There were three cases of revolving sleighs, on the three first days of the week.

Jan. 15, 1874

Prof. Whitten’s dancing academy is a success this winter. He has over seventy-five couples in constant attendance at Pierce’s Hall, the proficiency and deportment of whom justify his remark that “It is a perfect success.”

Jan. 17, 1884

Mr. D. G. Marden, of this city, manufacturer of doll’s chairs, has received an order from J. A. Jones, & Co., Boston, for 500 chairs to be made during the season. Mr. Marden is building up a large business in this line.

Slippery. The ice condition of the streets and sidewalks last week caused many accidents. Sheriff Wadsworth fell and badly hurt his right arm. Mrs. Lorenzo Dow fell while attempting to get into a sleigh and was severely injured. Ex-sheriff Samuel Norton, when near Poor’s Mills was thrown out by his sleigh slueing, and was badly cut about the face. There were many other minor casualties and it was a common sight to see a man’s heels fly up and the person unceremoniously sit down in the street.

Jan. 15, 1914

The pupils of grades six and seven were excused Wednesday morning on account of the failure to heat the rooms.

Mr. S. L. Palmer of New York will be in Belfast at J. H. Howes’ store Friday, Jan. 16th, with a line of dresses and suits for spring and summer, and the inspection of the public is invited.

Jan. 13, 1944

Belfast Organizes for Fourth War Bond Drive Starting Jan. 18

Dr. J. Asbury Pitman is Chairman for City and Claude F. Clement for County—Slogan is “Lets All Back the Attack”—Buy War Bonds

Waldo County will start on its big 4th War Loan Campaign January 18 with a quota of $599,000. Again we are asked to do our part in order that our state and nation may reach their objective of $14 billion dollars. Waldo County has responded generously in the past to every demand and request our government has made and we can, we must, we will do it again.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.