Ten games were on the docket for area high school hoop fans and players on Tuesday, Jan. 10, a scenario which saw a mixed bag of results for teams from Oceanside of Rockland, Camden Hills of Rockport, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro, Mount View of Thorndike, Belfast and Searsport.

The Mariners netted wins, as did the Mustang boys and Panther, Windjammer and Lion girls.

Becca Gary tumbles in front of her Belfast cheering teammates during the basketball game with Mount View on Jan. 13. Photo by Ken Waltz

The hoopla continued Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13-14 with a full slate of games, which saw the Medomak Valley, Oceanside, Searsport and Camden Hills — along with the Mount View boys and Belfast girls — collect victories.

The following is a recap of reported results:


Searsport 89, North Haven 26

At North Haven Jan. 14, the Vikings ventured off the mainland and returned with a win over the Hawks. Searsport led 20-7, 50-16 and 74-25 at the quarter breaks.

Gage Ellis poured in a game-high 30 points to lead the Vikings, while Tim Smith tossed in 18; Landon Economy, 15; Oliver Carbisiero, Charlie Lewis and Cole Ellis, five; Ravon Carbisiero, four; Julian Anderson, two; and Kael Morrill, Robert Walker and Thanakorn Taenglek, one.

Jon Brown led the Hawks with 16 points, while Ezra Davidson added four; Bryn Campbell, three; and Jack Ames, two.

Searsport was 17-of-31 (55 percent) from the charity stripe, while North Haven was 6-of-8 (75 percent).

Mount View’s Noah Hurd. Photo by Ken Waltz

Richmond 79, Vinalhaven 39

At Richmond Jan. 14, the Bobcats outscored the Vikings in the four stanzas and prevailed by a 40-point margin. Richmond led 23-12, 40-23 and 57-34 at the quarter breaks.

Trey Goodrich paced the islanders with 14 points, while Robbie Swears added 13; Sam Wentworth, four; Joe Lazaro and Hunter Hamilton, three; and Kyle Grant, two.

Hunter Mason keyed the Bobcats with 19 points, while Connor Vashen added 14; Wyatt Cassidy, 11; David Edwards, eight; Koleman Krosser and Zander Steele, six; Kenny Mecham and Max Trask, five; and Rhys Terry, three; and Logan Zoulames, two.

Vinalhaven was 7-of-12 (58 percent) from the free throw line, while Richmond netted 15-of-21 (71 percent) attempts.

Belfast’s Zeke Slaughter, left, and Mount View’s Max Bottenfield. Photo by Ken Waltz

Mount View 75, Belfast 39

At Belfast Jan. 13, the Mustangs went on the road and emerged with a convincing win over their Waldo County rivals. Mount View led 21-7, 47-14 and 62-24 at the quarter breaks.

Wyatt Evensen led Mount View with 17 points, while Noah Hurd added 16; Tyler Russell, 13; Max Bottenfield, 10; Wyatt Bennett, six; Nick Cobb and Collin Jones, four; and Ryan Oliver, three.

James Ritter paced Belfast with 12 points, while Eli Veilleux and Zeke Slaughter added eight; Jerry Porter, four; K.J. Payson, three; Caden Nickerson, two; and Ethan Abbott and Jack Faulkingham, one.

The Mustangs were 4-of-7 (57 percent) from the foul line, while the Lions were 8-of-13 (61 percent).

Sumner 51, Searsport 42

At Searsport Jan. 13, the Tigers did just enough over four quarters to edge out the Vikings. Sumner led 9-8, 20-15 and 33-28 at the quarter breaks.

Landon Economy led Searsport with 12 points, while Ashton Ellis added eight; Cole Ellis and Tim Smith, seven; and Gage Ellis and Sean Paige, four.

Nolan Christianson paced Sumner with 15 points, while Billy Wray tallied 12; Ethan Chase, 10; Logan Crawley and Isaiah Rivers, four; Angel Valencia, three; Bryson Parritt, two; and Dylan Piper, one.

The Vikings were 4-of-10 (40 percent) from the foul line, while the Tigers were 11-of-25 (44 percent).

Medomak Valley 56, Maine Central Institute 29

At Waldoboro Jan. 13, the Panthers prowled past the Huskies and netted a midseason win. Medomak Valley led 15-4, 32-8 and 45-17 at the quarter breaks.

Gabe Lash paced Medomak Valley with 14 points, while Kevin Sincyr added 13; Kory Donlin, 10; Blake Morrison, eight; Jaiden Starr, five; Luke Cheesman, three; Tucker Holgerson, two; and Kristian Schumann, one. Lash and Finn Parmley pulled down seven rebounds, while Lash added six steals and Starr six assists.

Kyle Hall led MCI with 10 points, while Owen Moore added six; Lucas Llagostera, five; Brayden Fitts, three; Caleb Kennedy and Cole Allen, two; and Braeden Kennedy, one.

The Panthers were 12-of-17 (71 percent) from the foul line, while the Huskies were 6-of-16 (37 percent).

Oceanside 83, Erskine Academy 64

At Rockland Jan. 13, the Mariners continued to sail through the regular season with a triumph over the Eagles. Oceanside led 17-7, 36-29 and 65-45 at the quarter breaks.

Carter Galley poured in 29 points for Oceanside, while Cohen Galley added 20; Alex Collins, 18; Zach Woodman and Alex Bartlett, six; and Ben Tripp and Maddox Robishaw, two. Bartlett grabbed nine rebounds, while Collins had six boards and Carter and Cohen Galley six assists.

For Erskine Academy, Tristan Anderson scored 31 points, while Gabe Pelletier, Kaden Porter and Keenan Clark added six; Emmett Appel, five; Bo Johnson, four; and Kaleb Brown and Parker Studholme, three.

The Mariners were 5-of-12 (42 percent) from the foul line, while the Eagles were 5-of-15 (33 percent).

Camden Hills 55, Nokomis 52

At Newport Jan. 13, the Windjammers sailed to a three-point win over the host Warriors.

Will Duke led Camden Hills with 22 points, while Quincy Messer added 12; Owen Reynolds, nine; Hollis Schwalm and Nolan Ames, five; and Ben Tohanczyn, two. Duke and Reynolds added seven rebounds for the Windjammers, which shot 6-of-11 (54 percent) from the foul line.

Additional information was unavailable.

Mount View 73, Medomak Valley 69

At Thorndike Jan. 10, the Mustangs galloped to their most important win of the campaign as they dealt the Panthers their second loss of the season. Mount View led 22-21, 39-33 and 58-57 at the quarter breaks.

Max Bottenfield paced Mount View with 23 points, while Noah Hurd added 19; Tyler Russell, 13; Wyatt Evensen, 11; Collin Jones, four; Ben Osborne, two; and Isaac Ellis, one.

For Medomak Valley, Blake Morrison netted 19 points, while Finn Parmley added 18; Gabe Lash, 16; Kory Donlin, 11; and Kevin Sincyr, five. Parmley also had 12 rebounds, while Lash had nine rebounds and Starr five assists.

The Mustangs were 12-of-16 (75 percent) from the foul line, while the Panthers were 5-of-13 (38 percent).

Oceanside’s Sophia Daggett. Photo by Mark Haskell

Oceanside 75, Maine Central Institute 52

At Pittsfield Jan. 10, the Mariners sailed past the host Huskies. Oceanside led 21-11, 43-28 and 64-33 at the quarter breaks.

Cohen Galley keyed the Mariners with 21 points, while Zeb Foster added 18; Carter Galley, 12; Alex Collins, nine; Alex Bartlett, six; Jackson Kay, four; Parker Darge and Joey Bell, two; and Maddox Robishaw, one.

For the Huskies, Braeden Kennedy scored 13 points, while Owen Moore added 11; Kyle Hall, eight; Drew Shorey, seven; Caleb Kennedy, five; and Carter Bubar and Brayden Fitts, four.

Oceanside’s Lily Stackpole. Photo by Mark Haskell

Dexter 52, Searsport 40

At Searsport Jan. 10, the Tigers held the Vikings at bay through the 32-minute affair and emerged with a 12-point win. Dexter led 10-6, 24-16 and 40-26 at the quarter breaks.

Gage Ellis scored 21 points to pace the hosts, while Cole Ellis added six; Sean Paige, five; Ashton Ellis, four; and Tim Smith and Ravon Carbisiero, two.

Will Kusnierz keyed the visitors with 17 points, while Kayden Kimball tallied 12; Bryce Connor, 10; Ben Bourgoin and Kellen Deavey, five; Ethan Doherty, two; and Will Spratt, one.

Searsport was 7-of-11 (63 percent) from the foul line, while Dexter was 9-of-11 (81 percent).


Searsport 58, North Haven 39

At North Haven Jan. 14, the Vikings went on the offensive and netted a road win over the islanders. Searsport led 18-9, 33-19 and 52-24 at the quarter breaks.

Emily Mello buoyed Searsport with a 24-point effort, while Julianna Sprague added 16; Amelia Seekins, 10; Laura Warman, four; and Joanna Wilson and Baileigh Bagley, two.

Hannah White led North Haven with 14 points, while Izzy Haskell added eight; Abby Lattimer and Sophie Hansen, five; Whitney Newman, four; Emma Cabot, two; and Lila Bernard, one.

The Vikings were 13-of-21 (62 percent) from the foul line, while the Hawks were 4-of-12 (33 percent).

Belfast’s Audri Goodwin (12), Halle Tripp (33) and Jaiden Philbrook (21), along with Mount View’s Hannah Ferreira (12) and Arianna Bradeen (on floor). Photo by Ken Waltz

Belfast 34, Mount View 31

At Thorndike Jan. 13, the Lions erased a 10-point halftime deficit and roared to a midseason road win over their Waldo County rivals. Mount View led 12-6, 18-8 and 23-22 at the quarter breaks.

Belfast’s Julie Darres, left, and Mount View’s Savannah Lorenz. Photo by Ken Waltz

Halle Tripp led the Lions with 19 points, while Jaiden Philbrook added seven; Alanna Nichols, four; and Julie Darres and Audri Goodwin, two.

Savannah Lorenz led the ‘Stangs with 11 points, while Emily Richards and Hannah Ferreira added six and Bella Serrano and Arianna Bradeen four.

Belfast was 8-of-16 (50 percent) from the foul line, while Mount View netted 11-of-19 (58 percent) attempts.

Camden Hills 51, Nokomis 41

At Rockport Jan. 13, the Windjammers netted a 10-point home win over the Warriors. Nokomis led 15-11 after the first quarter, while Camden Hills rebounded to take a 27-24 lead at halftime and a 35-31 edge after three quarters.

Leah Jones keyed the Windjammers with 16 points, while Kirsten Jones tossed in 13; Bailey Curtis and Leah Snyder, five; River Bell and Amelia Johnson, four; and Maddie Cronkite and Molly Hixon, two.

Camryn King paced the Warriors with 18 points, while Raegan King added 11; Addison Hawthorne, five; Danica Migliore, three; and Eliya Drummond and Alaina Donahue, two.

The Windjammers were 11-of-20 (55 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Warriors were 7-of-15 (47 percent).

Mount View’s Savannah Lorenz, left, and Medomak Valley’s Maya Cannon. Photo by Ken Waltz

Oceanside 58, Erskine Academy 14

At South China Jan. 13, the defending state Class B champions continued to roll through opponents, this time with a win over the Eagles. Oceanside led 10-3, 26-8 and 46-8 at the quarter breaks.

Bailey Breen led the Mariners with 21 points, while Audrey Mackie added 16; Aubri Hoose, seven; Sophie Daggett, four; Renee Ripley and Emily Sykes, three; and Abby Waterman and Caitlyn Lamb, two. Breen added 13 rebounds, four assists and three blocked shots, while Mackie added seven assists and Waterman six rebounds.

Emma Strew and Grace Hutchins each scored seven points for the Eagles.

Oceanside was 3-of-9 (33 percent) from the charity stripe, while Erskine Academy was 1-of-1 (100 percent).

The Mariners have won 43 straight game and Mackie moved closer to all-time Mariner career points leader Kennadi Grover’s (1,118). After this game, Mackie has 1,083 points.

Medomak Valley’s Madilyn Simmons, left, and Haley Puchalski, along with their teammates, slap hands with youth players on the court. Photo by Ken Waltz

Medomak Valley 58, Maine Central Institute 28

At Pittsfield Jan. 13, the Panthers held the Huskies without a second-quarter field goal and emerged with a 30-point win over the hosts. Medomak Valley led 12-7, 24-8 and 42-17 at the quarter breaks.

Addison McCormick scored 20 points for Medomak Valley, while Maya Cannon added 15; Kytana Williamson, 10; Audrey Jackson, nine; and Haley Puchalski and Maddy Simmons, two.

Kayleigh Dunton netted nine points to pace MCI, while Hannah Robinson added seven and Trinity Leavitt and Ella Bernier six.

The Panthers were 7-of-10 (70 percent) from the foul line, while the Huskies were 7-of-11 (63 percent).

Medomak Valley 53, Mount View 13

At Waldoboro Jan. 10, the Panthers held the Mustangs without a first-quarter field goal and roared loud and proud on way to a 40-point win. Medomak Valley led 14-1, 23-10 and 39-11 at the quarter breaks.

Mount View’s Arianna Bradeen, left, and Isabella Serrano. Photo by Ken Waltz

Kytana Williamson led Medomak Valley with 14 points, while Maya Cannon added 12; Audrey Jackson, nine; Sara Nelson, six; and Chelsea Sykes, Sadie Knight, Madilyn Simmons and Lilly Christ, two.

Arianna Bradeen and Savannah Lorenz scored five points for Mount View, while Emily Richards added two and Hannah Ferreira, one.

The Panthers were 9-of-18 (50 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Mustangs were 5-of-14 (36 percent).

Camden Hills 52, Messalonskee 35

At Rockport Jan. 10, the Windjammers navigated past the Eagles and to a midseason home win. Camden Hills led 11-8, 32-13 and 42-18 at the quarter breaks.

Leah Jones buoyed the Windjammers with 17 points, while Leah Snyder added nine; Amelia Johnson, eight; River Bell, six; Bailey Curtis and Lauren Howland, four; and Maddie Cronkite and Rose Tohanczyn, two.

For the Eagles, Candace Pelotte scored 20 points, while Ashley Mullen added eight; Lexis Bayne, five; and Keira Goldsmith, two.

Camden Hills connected on 9-of-10 (90 percent) free throws, while Messalonskee netted 3-of-5 (60 percent).

Mount View’s Emily Richards (2) and Hannah Ferreira. Photo by Ken Waltz

Belfast 65, Winslow 23

At Belfast Jan. 10, the Lions outscored the Black Raiders 21-4 in the second quarter and prowled to a lopsided win. Belfast led 19-6, 40-10 and 54-19 at the quarter breaks.

Audri Goodwin paced Belfast with 17 points, while Jaiden Philbrook added 15; Maddie Deans and Halle Tripp, eight; Alanna Nichols, six; Danica Gray, five; and Jordan Mackay, Julie Darres and Peyton Wadsworth, two.

Bethanny Blakley led Winslow with nine points, while Carissa Curtis added eight; Noella Pepin, four; and Abby McCaslin, two.

The Lions were 12-of-24 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Black Raiders were 8-of-16 (50 percent).

Oceanside’s Renee Ripley, front, among others. Photo by Mark Haskell

Oceanside 62, Maine Central Institute 19

At Rockland Jan. 10, the Mariners held the Huskies to a pair of first-half field goals and sailed to their 42nd straight victory. Oceanside led 12-2, 30-5 and 49-13 at the quarter breaks.

Bailey Breen poured in 31 points for Oceanside, while Aubri Hoose added 10; Audrey Mackie, nine; Abby Waterman, eight; and Searra Hansen and Caitlyn Lamb, two. Mackie added 10 assists and five steals, while Waterman had 11 rebounds, six blocked shots, eight steals and three assists and Breen eight caroms.

Oceanside’s Audrey Mackie, front, among others. Photo by Mark Haskell

Jyllian Riendeau scored eight points for MCI, while Hannah Robinson added five and Trinity Leavitt, Kayleigh Dunton and Ella Bernier all two.

The Mariners were 4-of-8 (50 percent) from the foul line, while the Huskies were 2-of-6 (33 percent).

Dexter 30, Searsport 12

At Searsport Jan. 10, the Tigers prowled past the host Vikings. Dexter led 13-4, 16-4 and 20-7 at the quarter breaks.

Julianna Sprague scored 11 points for Searsport and Emily Mello one, while Mazie Peach (8 points), Jozlynn Paige (7 points), Hannah Dean (6 points), Cally Gudroe (4 points) and Jillian Poliquin (point) paced Dexter.

The Vikings were 1-of-6 (17 percent) from the foul line, while the Tigers were 2-of-7 (29 percent).

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