Hope this crazy weather did not cause you much trouble. Messed up last week and sent my column to the wrong address, so I will try to insert some of last week’s column.

Glad to report that Donna Bennett is now home from the Boston Hospital and will receive a radiation treatment soon. Donna has taken care of many others and now she has to take care of herself. She and my daughter Debbie were close friends and she seems like a daughter to me. Love ya.

Thanks to Skip McCormick for replacing glass in a window on the third floor of the Community Center. Have called Mark Frost to repair and replace the loose siding on the building when he gets his staging back from last job in Blue Hill. He and his helper built the fire escape and also have made replacements of siding so we are very familiar with his work. Coming soon.

Max Provencher, son of Ron and Judy Provencher, received his $500 scholarship from the Raymond Webster Scholarship Fund from the Prospect Community Club. Max is very studious and all indications are of a great future for him. Congratulations, Max! The Outback Hunters donate to this fund also, which is much appreciated.

There have been many private parties held in the Dining Room this winter and we want to let people know that the charge is $50 per event, which includes use of the kitchen, dining room big enough to hold 80 people and bathroom. We have a water purification system that assures us of safe water. If interested in renting for an event, please call Linda Gamble, 567-3615; Jenn McVeigh, 567-3170; or Barbara Tilley, 567-3267, and let us know of the date wanted and we will let you know if it is available.

Linda Gamble has been knitting free hats and mittens which she hangs on the line by the old store. This project has been slowed as she is trying to get over a nagging cold.

Jenn McVeigh has been busy taking the collection of bottles and cans, which are deposited in the two boxes by the ramp at the Community Center to be donated to the Heating Fund. Thank you to all who donate to this worthy cause.

Saturday, Jan. 7, Thomas and Lelia Herbest hosted a catered meal in place of a late Christmas party. There were 18 people and 10 were absent due to broken bones, ear infections and prior dates, but had a lot of laughs and good food. Thanks, guys, for a great time! I had a chance to see many of my great-grandchildren.

Having lots of pine siskins, titmice, starlings and small finches at my feeder. Mourning doves like the bird bath as they sit with their tails in the water and warm their breasts on the rim. Also have four big ravens hanging around, too.

Thank you for the speedy arrival of the Prospect/Stockton Springs Ambulance group when I tripped on my ramp in the shed, slamming my head hard into the freezer, which resulted with a bleeding gash; hit my right shoulder and arm and have other sore spots.

At first I refused to go to the hospital but with the fact that I was bleeding, had a previous stroke and bad history, I agreed to go to St. Joe’s where I received prompt attention with a CT Scan and a thorough checkup.

Lisa and Dwayne brought me home and every day there seems to be a new spot that hurts but will get over it. Have to use my right arm so am putting lidocaine patches on it.

The group is meeting here for Coffee Time and today set the dates for the following: First Bean Supper, April 8, and a Yard Sale, April 22. More on this the closer it gets.

Have a safe and healthy week. — Barbara